Friday, May 16, 2014

Studio is almost done!

The studio has been all but completely finished for a little while now.  The ceiling in the bathroom area just needs a little more work, which hopefully will be done soon and then we can give you the grand tour...very exciting!  But for now, I'll show you some progress photo of the main work area. 

This is the before shot.  I painted the base of the mural three years ago when we first moved in and have been working under this unfinished sky all this time. 

But now it's complete!  It's a simple mural really...just clouds and a night sky.  Plus I took back the chandelier that had been hanging in my parent's basement since I was in college (I had a bedroom down there during the summers I was home from school). 

Thankfully my dad has a long ladder he let me borrow.  The ceiling is probably almost 20 feet tall at the highest point!

Sophie had a blast running up the ladder.  Although I can see how cats get stuck in trees now.  Getting up took three seconds.  Getting down...well, some meowing and some help from mommy was required, lol.

And Ben lifted the very last of the old floor to expose the pine planks underneath.  Yay!!  Although the guy who helped bring up our extremely heavy cast iron sink asked if we were going to put new floors down.  I said...these are the new floors!! new floor would ever work as well in our working studio than these old rough pine planks.   



laurie -magpie ethel said...

Super cool..great progress. The sky is awesome!

Lisa W. said...

Amazing ! I love it.... so original !