Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Back from Country Living

We're back from Country Living and finally all unpacked and rested up.  What a weekend!  What a show!  There were treasures, straight from the magazine, almost as far as the eye could see!  I highly recommend this event to anyone who loves what's in the magazine...and really...what's not to love!

Ben and I had a comfy little booth in one of the many cow barns, which was appropriate.  The smell of fresh pine shavings reminded me of showing cows at the fair as of the most exciting things of my young life.  My mom came with us to help with Olive, which was a life saver!  

 Lots of goodies to choose from (I'd been working HARD for weeks!)  A big portion of these guys found new homes.  :)

Some of these guys will be included in our patriotic update, which we'll be scheduling very soon.

Some of the booths around the fair were actually glamper (glamorous campers) fabulous!  This one was filled with handmade clothes.  I got the most amazing and comfy shirt.  

 This barn was one of my favorites.  So many beautiful curated antiques.  And the displayed were to die for.  My mom was looking through some old scrap paper.

More and More Antiques from NYC was selling nests from all different types of birds.  Each one was labelled.  Oh how I want my own nest display now!

Glampers and tents.

There were lots of things I really wanted to bring this guy.  And so I did! 

I really wanted this too, from the same booth....but it was far too expensive for me.  Boohoo.  I think these are Victorian wax flowers.

This potting bench, complete with tiny sink is way cool.  The gears are turning!  

We really loved seeing all of the amazing things this show had to offer and bringing a good portion of it home with us, (including our favorite find, Mr. Coyote).  We loved meeting new friends and seeing old, and of course are so so happy that many of our little cotton friends now have forever homes. 

Yay for Country Living!!!


Stephanie said...

I love the country living fair! we go to the Columbus, Ohio event every year. I wish you were going to be at that one! I would loved to meet you, and pick out another creation of yours to add to my collection :)

Vintage by Crystal said...

I wish we could be there too Stephanie! It is such a fun event and I bet the one in Columbus is amazing!! Hopefully we'll make it out there sometime in the future. :)

laurie -magpie ethel said...

I always love seeing photos of your booth..such a tiny land of fun characters. Someday I will hit the Country Living far...bucket list!

Lisa W. said...

So sorry to miss that show ! Your booth looked great .... glad you shared some pics. Perhaps we can make it there next year . It would be such fun to meet you and to do some serious shopping !