Thursday, September 11, 2014

Brand new goodies at Renegade!

I've been making lots of new Halloween goodies...using the materials from the bottom of my Halloween goodies stash, which I always feel results in some of the best and most creative pieces I make.  I had some large-ish faux Chinese Jack-o-lanterns that were really too big for my figures to hold and I couldn't figure out what to do with them.  Finally it hit me...fairy skirts!  It was perfect!  Now I have three little Halloween fairies with super cool pointy orange skirts.  A vintage black toy horse with no tail....hmmm...that one was sitting around for a while.  But finally...that's it!  The Headless Horseman needs a black horse!  Add a crepe paper tail...and we now have a super cool figure!  Two little wicker pumpkin baskets?  Fill them with black kitties!  I'll be bringing all the brand new Halloween goodies to Renegade this weekend.  For first pick, I hope we see you there!  :)

Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair
September 13th & 14th - 11am - 6pm
50 Kent Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11249

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