Wednesday, September 17, 2014

We Had a Blast at Renegade This Past Weekend!

Phewie!  Ben and I are still recovering from a busy weekend in Brooklyn!  Renegade was great!  Saturday had a rainy forecast, but it didn't actually rain until mid-afternoon, making it a great day for easy shopping.  And there was so much amazing work there!!  I spent more money than I probably should have...but hey, I deserve it!  Sunday had a sunny forecast and everyone seemed to know it because boy o boy was it crowded!  Ben spent most of the time manning the booth while I was roaming about with Olive.  Pushing even a tiny stroller through thick crowds was an interesting challenge, but Olive loved every minute!  She loves new people and seeing new things and just being out and about in general.  Plus we picked up an awesome new bib for her that just might be more for me than her.  Hehe.

Mention Update for next wednesday

Our booth was chock full of goodies...half the table was covered in Halloween!  A lot found new homes, and I'm hoping to have some left after the Bust show this weekend because....we're having a Halloween update next week!!!  I think it will be on Wednesday.  I have even more Halloween pieces half done on my work table, so I'll be finishing them up on Monday and Tuesday to add to the mix. 

This great photo was taken by Instagrammer @sophie_morris_.  Isn't it pretty?  I'm thinking of the Lion King right now when all the animals congregate to the big rock after Simba in born...


And speaking of Halloween...I am sooooo feeling it lately.  The mornings have been so crisp and chilly here...we turn the heat on for a bit when we wake up just to nip it out of the air and it feels so so good.  Subtle smells and feelings that just scream "Autumn is practically here!"  Ben spotted some orange tinge to some of the foliage nearby.  I am more excited for the fall season this year than possibly any year before.  Olive may have something to do with it.  I love it!!

Anyway...thank you so much to everyone who stopped by at our Renegade booth this weekend!  Hopefully we'll see you this weekend too at Bust!  Or at Renegade during the holidays.  So much going on!  Until then....


Elizabeth Fedorko said...

What glorious fun! Your booth takes my breath away! I am heading over to MSL to vote for you!~~~XXOO, Beth aka Dime Store Chic

Vintage by Crystal said...

Thank you so much for your kind words Beth! We really appreciate it. :)

vivian said...

so many cute little creations! I cant imagine anyone just passing by your booth!
Halloweenies are always my favorites!
have a great week

carla tinberg said...

Do you give lessons? If so, in which part of the country do you live?

Vintage by Crystal said...

Hi Carla!
Thank you so much for your interest!
I will be teaching a workshop for the Sweet Paul Makerie on April 11th & 12th 2015 in Philadelphia PA. You can go to the link below for more information. Hope to see you there. :)