Monday, October 20, 2014

Spoookiness around the House!

The house is haunted again!!  And I had lots of fun conjuring up the spirit of Halloween!  Stored away safely in the basement for most of year...out of sight, out of mind, are all of my fantastic vintage and vintage inspired decorations.  I sort of forget what I have and then when I pull it all out in September it's like opening a gift to myself and I say "oh I remember this!" and "oh yeah!  I forgot about this one!" fun. 

I was a bit pressed for time (what else is new) and gave myself only one evening to decorate, so instead of putting away everyday decor, I mixed the Halloween in between, over and under it for a festive medley. 

Enjoy the tour!  :)

Two of those blow molds light up and when they're plugged in at night they create a wonderful glow and ambiance.

Olive LOVES the dried bushel gourd man! 
All vintage except for two that I made...can you guess which ones?

I'm a big fan of these Bethany Lowe repros from John Derian.

I did a tutorial on how to make these cat on a box...I should dig it up and repost it!

I made these the first year Ben and I were in Boston, which was also the first year I had my very own place to decorate!  I'm not sure what they are...but I like them!

A herd of giraffes among the gourds...they're orange and black...sort of...right?

Ben always tries to get me to move my centerpieces when we have people over for dinner, but I said "no!"  :)

My coven of witches is hanging out in the kitchen this year.  I didn't bother dusting before displaying house is 'haunted' afterall.  :)

Happy Halloween!!


laurie -magpie ethel said...

always love a peek into your house. Very spooky and you are so lucky to have so many mantles to decorate!

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