Monday, May 11, 2015

Wonderful Things Happening In Brooklyn!

Last weekend Ben, Olive and I visited some friend in Brooklyn.  Spring had barely started up north in planting zone 5 at our house, but three hours south in zone 6, things were happening. 

We swung by a community garden nearby and it was just amazing to see green grass and flowering trees and people planting things....

They even had picnic table ready for when harvest time rolls around and you can eat right out of the garden.

Lettuce galore!

And best of all...chickies!!!  Olive was very happy to see them.  Especially since our flock has the worst luck.  This time it was 2 loose dogs breaking in in the middle of the night two days before we left for NYC.  All of them.  :(  We have 15 new chicks coming in a few weeks.  Try, try again!  I can't wait for Olive and I to raise these new ones together.  :)

Happy Spring!!


Lisa W. said...

Gardens in big cities are so wonderful . Great to see things growing again . Thanks for sharing and very sorry to hear about the loss of your chickens .

Vintage by Crystal said...

Lisa, It's so great to see more and more of these gardens pop up around the city. It brought me a lot of joy to spend time at this one. And thanks for your condolences! At least we get to look forward to raising another new flock soon. :)

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