Thursday, December 8, 2011

Show this weekend and Next Update Announcement!

Happy holiday season everyone! I've been hoarding my brand new spun cotton goodies for the last couple of weeks and will finally offer them for sale this Saturday, Dec. 10th at the SOWA Holiday Market in Boston! If you live in or near the area, I hope you'll stop by to scoop up a few goodies for your gift list or your tree. I'll be there from 11-7. I am so looking forward to seeing familiar faces and big smiles all around! The last show I did was this very show last year! Eeek! It's been a while! Go to the website for more details.

And if you don't live anywhere near Boston, as is the case with most of you, never fear! I am scheduling my next blog update for next Tuesday, Dec. 13th at 3pm EST (12 noon PST). I'll be saving my storybook characters, new animals, and some other Christmas goodies just for the update, so there will be lots to choose from! Hope to see you there as well!

I just had to show off my new mushroom ornaments, made from spun cotton and paper mache...I'm so proud of them! (I consulted my mushroom field guide while making!)

Ok back to work...I've got a few more pieces in the works to finish up...including needle felted snowmen, made by my talented mom!

Hope to see you at the show, update or both!


heather donohue crafts said...

The new mushrooms are incredible! I also love the very busy worktable pic.

Unknown said...

Among our Christmas decorations are some beautiful glass toadstools with clips on the bottom to stand on the branches of the tree. Your mushrooms remind me of those, I love them!

Anonymous said...

These are bloody brilliant!=D

Darryl Moland said...

Love,love,love the mushroom ornaments Crystal!