Thursday, November 21, 2019

Thanksgiving Blog Sale!

Country Connie - SOLD
Miss Autumn - SOLD

This Blog Sale Has Ended 
We may not be updating this post, so Click Here to see if any unsold pieces are still looking for homes in our Etsy shop. :-)

We want to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving!!
We give thanks to all of you who have found joy in the things we create. :-) 
How To Participate:
This blog sale offers first dibs on new one-of-kind spun cotton pieces (click on photos to enlarge). Prices are located next to the names of each piece. If you see something(s) you love, email us at with the name(s) assigned to each item and we will let you know if they are reserved for you.

After we have confirmed a reserve, 
we'll send you a PayPal invoice via email for payment.

  Items often get scooped up quickly, so make your selection as swiftly as you can.  Please feel free to include second, third, and even fourth choices in case your first choice(s) are unavailable, but make sure you label them "second..third... choice."  Otherwise we will assume that you are ordering multiple items. 

We usually receive many emails at once and it may take a longer time then expected to respond to your email.  Please be patient and we promise that we will respond to you as soon as we can in the order in which we receive each email. :-)

First come first served! we'll update item status in this post as often as we can.

Domestic Shipping is 3.75 for one item and 1.00 per additional item up to $7.75, then additional pieces are free.  Please let us know if your order is being shipped outside of the US. International shipping rates will be different.  All paid orders will ship immediately via USPS first class mail.  If you prefer 1-3 day domestic priority shipping, please let us know (there will be an additional $5 charge).

Turkey Princess - SOLD
Gobble Queen - 58

Kitty Kate (Ornament/Figure) - SOLD
Miss Harvest - SOLD

Miss Martha - SOLD
Thankful Girl - SOLD

Turkey Bed Head - SOLD
Headstand Pumpkin Girl - SOLD

Pet Turkey - SOLD
Sweet Pie - SOLD

Miss Stuffin - (1 Available) - 38
Hungry Jack - SOLD

Thanksgiving Theodore - SOLD
Miss Grace - SOLD

Angeni - SOLD
Nakamo - SOLD

Mr.William - (2 Available) -40
Miss Alice - SOLD

Cat-Alina (Ornament/Figure) - (2 Available) - 38
Spirit of Thanksgiving - SOLD

Wonderful Wilma - (2 Available) - 38
Pumpkin Stacker - SOLD

Precious Prim - SOLD
Little Dougie - SOLD

Feather Head Owl (Ornament/Figure) - SOLD
Turkey Patch Owl (Ornament/Figure) - SOLD
Acorn Cheek Owl (Ornament/Figure) - SOLD
Turkey Timmy - SOLD
Turkey Tony - SOLD
Turkey Tom - SOLD
Turkey Tara (Ornament/Figure) - SOLD

Turkey Tasha - SOLD
Turkey Tarence - SOLD
Turkey Tina - SOLD
Turkey Todd (Ornament/Figure) - SOLD

Turkey Telly (Ornament/Figure) - SOLD
Turkey Tabitha - SOLD
Turkey Tiffany (Ornament/Figure) - SOLD
Turkey Trever - SOLD

For those of you who are ready to get your Christmas on!!

Snow Angel (box) - SOLD

Chrissy (Angel Star Tree Topper) - SOLD
White Wing (Angel Star Tree Topper) - SOLD
Angelica (Angel Star Tree Topper) - SOLD

Miss Poise - SOLD
Tripsy - SOLD

Xmas Flower Girl - SOLD
Elf on Santa Bell (Ornament/Figure) - SOLD

Classic Santa (Ornament) - 38
Miss Orna (Ornament) - 38

Woodsy Santa (Ornament) - SOLD
Decora (Ornament) - SOLD

Miss Emerald (Ornament/Figure) -SOLD
Silver Fairy (Ornament) - SOLD

Pop-Out Surprise - SOLD
Elf Buds - SOLD

 Tan Trim Skiing Santa - SOLD
Green Trim Skiing Santa - SOLD

Pinecone Simone (Ornament) - SOLD
Xmas Bella (Ornament) - SOLD
Miss Frost (Ornament) - SOLD

Rosie (Ornament) - 52
Hot air Balloon Rider (Ornament) - SOLD
Miss Molly (Ornament) - 52

Gifted Girl (Ornament) - 52
Pink Beauty (Ornament) - SOLD
Tree Trim Kim (Ornament) - 52

Miss Shortcake (Ornament) - SOLD
Winter Wanda (Ornament) - SOLD
Christmas Treasure (Ornament) - SOLD

Dasher Owl (Ornament/Figure) - 40
Dancer Owl (Ornament/Figure) - SOLD
Prancer Owl (Ornament/Figure) - SOLD

Vixen Own (Ornament/Figure) - SOLD
Comet Owl (Ornament/Figure) - SOLD
Blitzen Owl (Ornament/Figure) - 40

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Thanksgiving Blog Sale Announcement!

We are having our Thanksgiving blog sale this Thursday...Yippee!!  
Since we don't always have one for Thanksgiving every year, 
it has become a very special event and we can't wait 
to show you what we've been cooking. 
Come gobble up these yummy bites before next week's big feast. 
We hope to see you here. :-)
New one-of-a-kind pieces will be available for purchase on:
Thursday, November 21st - here, the blog - 11:00am EST
The Blog offers first dibs as usual and if you'd like to be notified about upcoming blog sales and special events, just sign up for our mailing list on the right side of my blog, 
or leave a comment with your email address.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Renegade Craft Fair NYC This Weekend!!

Renegade Craft Fair New York City
November 9th & 10th 2019 - 11am - 5pm
Metropolitan Pavilion
125 West 18th Street, New York, NY