Friday, May 31, 2013

On the Work Table...

The USA is finding it's way onto the work table this week, and what fun it is to go all sparkles and fireworks and gold and silver glitter, along with the red, white and blue! 
I love this time of year where the weather is hot enough to be a good excuse to just sit out in a lawn chair, sipping pink lemonade and watching birds and squirrels frolic about.  Barbeques and picnics and cold salads and fresh garden produce.  I love summer!!  :)
Stay tuned for an update announcement!!! 

Friday, May 17, 2013

A flock of Owls has landed!!

 I found myself really in the mood to create owls the other day...and so I did!  The detailed painting I do on each one is rather relaxing and puts me into another world for a short time and in doing so I created 8 fabulous and one of a kind owls that I just posted in my Etsy shop.  Come snatch them before they fly away!!  :)

And guess which one is my personal favorite...

The nerdy owl!!  Maybe because he's a reflection of me...hehe. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

More chickies!!!

I've been slacking in the studio lately, but for good little farm is really getting up and running!  The garden is mostly planted, trees planted, ground tilled, apple and pear trees grafted, flowers planted, things mulched, and the best part....chickies!!!  Just as the first five cuties were ready to be moved outside, my second five fluffers arrived!  They are about 10 days old right now and while their little wing feathers are coming in, they are still walking puff balls.

 Unlike the Buff Orphingtons, I can tell these girls apart.  They are very distinct and so so adorable! 

They are Araucana's, which lay green, blue, and pink eggs and come in a variety of colors themselves.  They can also have puffy cheek feathers and I can tell that 2 or 3 of mine will have them.  My mom used to have one that had a big black was hilarious!  She looked like a pirate chicken!

 They are very well behaved and I am very much enjoying them in the studio!

The older chicks on the other hand...while I enjoyed them in the studio for a good long while, for the past few days they have been escaping their enclosure and hanging out wherever they pleased...which means there were a few surprises hear and there.  So today they moved out to the chicken coop!  Before that they've been hanging out with me while I was doing work outside...under the porch was their favorite place and boy to they love taking dust baths!  A heat lamp will keep them warm at night.  Good luck little big chickies!