Saturday, February 27, 2010

Out with Pink and in with Green!

Saint Patrick's Day isn't a huge holiday, but it's still so much fun to deck out at least one part of the house in all green, gold, and leprechauns! I'm part Irish, but even if I wasn't I'd still be smitten with the new characters I have posted on Etsy right now. Most of them are one of a kind (only a couple will be open editions), so get them while they last!

This Irish lass is pretty and festive!

These two know how to celebrate!

These kitty gals look like they're about to face off...but they really are friends!

This is my only boy kitty lad, complete with a vintage shamrock cupcake pick! :)

I've got only a couple other Saint Patty's Day pieces I'm working on...after that, Easter and Spring will be in full bloom! Stay tuned! :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jewelry party!

This past Sunday I had a couple of friends over for a jewelry making get together. Heather and Heidi trekked to my house and brought their jewels and pliers with them. It was great fun! I didn't remember to take any photos while they were here, but we had the dining room table filled with chains, charms, beads and baubles. I completed several pieces (yay!). Heather made a bracelet that reminded me of the ocean and Heidi made some adjustments to a gorgeous necklace she brought with her. I wish I had snapped some photos of their work. Boo!

Well, today I took some photos of the jewelry I had made (there are quite a few...but some of them I had made before - so I wasn't THAT productive) :)

But first I'll show you my messy table.

I get inspired just by looking at the pieces sprawled about.

This is simply a carved wooden bow pin attached to a chain... Can I still say that I made it if it's simply putting two things together?

These pretty pieces weren't much more difficult to make, but having the vintage jewelery pieces to start with sure helped!

This necklace I made from an old clip on know...the kind that are made with a cluster of beads. I actually used to wear this earring as an earring, but I accidentally dropped it's mate down an elevator shaft several years ago! But at long last, I can wear it again!

I guess I can't say that I made this one either. This was given to me by Ben's sweet mom along with a collection of other jewelry goodies. This magnifying glass pendant was on a super long chain that went all the way down to my waist, so I simply doubled the chain and secured it so I can wear it at a normal length. It's one of my new favorites I think...I can now closely examine bugs, moles and small text at the drop of a hat! :)

This one I also made with a single earring. I bought this leaf earring, along with its mate, in NYC a while ago and LOVED wearing them. But one day I didn't put those little plastic/rubber stoppers on the backs and I lost one! :( Important lesson: don't forget your earring stoppers ladies! But if you do, you can just transform your widowed earring into a fabulous necklace!

This is a simple necklace that I will probably lose sooner rather than later. It stays on simply by putting the little charm through the rhinestone square. It looks really neat when it's on and I'll wear it around the house for a while to see if it will stay. Fingers crossed!

This charm bracelet is really charming me! I can see passing this down to a future daughter or granddaughter some day. It's already so special in many ways. The little row of doggies was my mom's, the little ballerina was mine when I was super little, the seahorse I bought at a craft fair when I was a kid and the others I've collected here and there and became instant favorites. The baby arm is the only one I'm not sure about...what do you think? Yes? No? Should I take it off? The connector is from a vintage double strung plastic pearl necklace I wore until it broke. And I'm looking forward to adding to it too!

This necklace I didn't make, but bought from another artist a year ago. I wore it all summer and really loved it until the love birds split up (or, broke in my suitcase while I was traveling). :( Sweet Heather knew what happened and brought me a replacement! Thank you so much Heather! She sells them in her beautiful shop, Speckled Egg. Go check it out! :)

One last thing...I remember that a while ago I mentioned that my comments weren't working. It's been fixed for a while now (I should have said that sooner) and I'd love to hear what you think about my silly creations! :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Flea Market Goodies!

I just discovered an almost brand new flea market not too far from Boston. It's a rather humble flea really doesn't take long to go through it, but I did manage to find some treasures, including the wonderful animal slat cards above. I'm not really sure they're for and I actually own another full set complete in the box. These were different than the ones I already had and even though they were damaged and bundled in a brittle rubber band, I just had to have them!

This little tin bank is adorable. I spent more than I normally do on a single item at a flea market ($5), but it was still a bargain in my book!

This little egg cup was beckoning me from his shelf, but he had a very official looking price tag of $4.99 right on his forehead. Luckily I bought some other things from the same dealer and got him for much less. :)

These cuties couldn't be passed up. My mom has a full set of those circus cake people in the top row, so I was happy to find even just a ring master, a strong man and some ballerinas.

I have no idea what I'm going to do with this, but some reason I had to have it. The color and thickness of the envelope and the cute pixie on the front....

...the inside revealed some not too impressive photographs. I bet these folks were disappointed when they got them back from the developer.

I bought this gorgeous old music book thinking I would cut it up to use in crafts, but I don't know if I can bring myself to do it. We'll see...

These tin children's plates are soooo adorable! They almost look like an early Minnie and Mickey Mouse.

Second prize? Really? Why, I'm so flattered! ;)

These plates will serve me well as catch-all's for tiny things in my studio.

And this I've been on the prowl for for quite some time...a vintage mega-thermos! It's really tall and very clean inside. I had to pass up many pretty ones because they were too stinky, but not this one! Yay!

It will now serve me well along with my trusty orange thermos. Don't they make a dandy pair?

This guy looks like he could be Adolf Hitler's brother, but he comes in a nice frame!

This milk glass cherry lidded dish actually came from the Goodwill in Cambridge, but I had to stick it in among my recently acquired treasures!

A trio of fabulous lengthy necklaces will serve me well in my latest jewelry making ventures (which is coming along quite nicely! I'll show you some examples once I have a few more made).

A bag of jewels caught my eye and they luckily came home with me!

These chandelier earrings came from the Goodwill too. They aren't too old, but they matched my charcoal sweater quite nicely I thought!

Oh what a happy day it was when these treasures found their way to my house! :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

And what better way to celebrate than to show off some Valentine's Day Swap loot! :) I joined Heather's "Petite Inspiration Box Swap" and was matched up with Amy, Jana and Jill. I am so tickled by their creations and vday goodies! I actually paced myself when I opened them, instead of opening them all at once, so I could be separately thrilled each time.

Here's what they sent!

Amy sent this beauty with a tiny paint set, little cupcake wrapper filled with hearts, glitter, and my favorite...a teeny tiny lady bug pin! I forgot to snap a close up...can you see the pin? Maybe if you squint?

And Jana sent this box of awesomeness...candy (yum!), tiny red glass beads (my fav!), an old bingo card, and tons more!!

I lOVE that tiny fork and little cute!

And Jill really out did herself! I didn't think you could fit this much into a tiny matchbox! She sent lots of adorable cards (LOVE the puppies and regal working women), little white buttons, and my very initials in block letters! The white dove on the box is really stunning too!

Hmmmmm...crafty goodness!

Thank you soooooo much ladies for generously letting go of some fabulous craft studio treasures! I will use and enjoy everything! :)

And this is the box I sent. Simple with with a big old vintage blossom from Tinsel Trading and lots of vintage book paper.

Open it up and the bright colors spring out! I made them each a mini Valentine's Day ornament.

Back in the box she goes with ribbons, buttons, baubles and more. I hope they enjoyed everything!

And the best part of Valentine's Day? Spending some cuddle time with my honey. We're driving to visit my family in New York in just a little while and are looking forward to some fun days off ice skating and playing games. Yay! How are you spending Valentine's Day?? I'd love to know!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Decorations!

This is the first year I really "decorated" for Valentine's Day and I had a blast doing it! Of course with the help of some of my awesome new Valentine's Day pieces from some artist friends, it was a piece of cake! I left my white feather tree in the living room and filled it up with pink and red and heart shaped ornaments. Many of them actually came from my beloved antique German Christmas tree. It turned out great! Here are some details!

And of course I had to have my cake pedestal filled with whimsical figures. There are a mix of my pieces and other pieces from Laurie and Theresa.

Remember when the top of my china cabinet was filled with sparkly Christmas village? Well...I went for a more minimalist look for this holiday (as minimalist as I can possibly get anyway).

Just a pair of aqua candles, antique glass baubles and a dresden sheep. Refreshing and clean!

And course this sweetie decorated the handle.

I also left my bundle up birdie out. He's very cozy and winter themed and will keep us company until the spring! :)

Happy Almost Valentine's Day!