Monday, June 16, 2008

Double Red Robins

When I was in New York City, our friend Elena brought me to this adorable little shop on the way back home. The store, called "Orange Marmalade," was quite endearing. It had unique arts and crafts, stationary and vintage goodies (I got my awesome froggie pitcher there). As many cute little qualities it did have...what captured my attention the most was the paper bag the owner gave me to carry froggie home in. It had the most beautiful robins printed on both sides. The bag did me well...I carted it all over the city, through Chinatown and on the bus. When I got home I emptied the goodies out and was left with the empty bag. Usually I stuff my paper bags into a drawer in my pantry and use them for recycling. But this bag couldn't possibly suffer that same was much too pretty! But what was I going to do with a pretty paper bag? Suddenly it came to me. I'll frame it! I had these framed prints that Ben's mom gave us when she cleaned out her basement. They were watercolors of Italy or some place I've never been to and they weren't exactly my favorite...but the frames and matting were I hung them up anyway and they've been hanging near the front door for almost three years. Finally it was time to replace those run of the mill prints with something more interesting! I placed both sides of the paper bag into the already matted frames and added some scalloped vintage sheet music and millinery flowers for accent and to hide the white space where the print stopped. I did the exact same thing for each one and hung them right next to each other by the front door. Don't they look fabulous! They may have a modest origin, but I'm so happy with my pretty new works of art!

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