Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bugs make everything better!

No need to be squimish... These bugs are cute! I just finished these little buggers (couldn't resist the corny pun). They're miniatures at only about 3" tall each. There's
Lizzie Lady Bug, Billy Bumble Bee and Molly Moth. They're my way of holding onto that last bit of summer!

Now... anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE bugs! Some, I understand, are a little scary, but living in New England I'm at ease to know that there really are very few very poisonous creepy crawlies in this neck of the woods. Some will bite, some will sting...but for the most part, they're very misunderstood creatures.

Take earwigs for example. You know the old myth about how they crawl into your ears and eat your brain or something silly like that? Well, those scary looking pincher's they have on their backside are used for courtship and aren't strong enough to hurt you at all. Wasps are another widely misunderstood creature. These predators are great for pest control and if you see one in your house, just let in crawl onto a piece of cardboard or other sturdy surface and bring it outside. They only sting when they get scared (imagine what you would do when startled by a much larger creature whose fingernail is bigger than your whole body!) When I was a kid I saved many a wasp in great haste from my wasp squishing father by letting them crawl onto my finger and walking swiftly outside with them and then letting them crawl onto a leaf. Never once was I stung doing this!

Ok, ok...enough about my less than normal fascination with bugs. They just have it so hard...being so tiny in such a huge, huge world!

Anyway, I hope you like these little critters I whipped up! They'll be for sale on
Etsy soon! :)


laurie said...

Just discovered your blog and Etsy website. Great stuff. I am an artist in Portland, Oregon. Similar style to you with some items...but still different. I also love all those little vintage doodads as well as holiday vintage. I hope to open an Etsy store soon. I do shows here at Christmas and really enjoy that side of crafting. I'll be checking back...really inspiring!

Ginger said...

Wonderful inspiring love to learn how to make one of these .Love each one and was thinking of christmas little things that no one would have thought of i love your style and the bugs oh my just adorable! Great blog still looking thank you for sharing your great art.
Keep on dreaming!
hugs ginger