Friday, June 12, 2009

Getting ready for a wedding...

I love my Dad so much. He's always been such a great father to me and my siblings and his numerous quirks continuously crack me up. My mom shook her head when she saw how he aired out his seldom worn suit.

I went home to New York for my cousin's wedding on the farm last weekend. On Saturday morning I went to the farm with my Dad and little sister to help with chores and last minute details for the wedding (including giving a cow a bath and a haircut). I spent my wonderful childhood there and it's always so good to go back.

Before I left Boston I did a portrait to give my cousin for her wedding. As you can see, Magic helped.

Here's the finished product. I have a good collection of old frames and I thought this one suited McKenzie and her new hubby.

Voila! Wrapped up and ready to go!

I think they liked it!

And I'll leave you with a crazy photo of my sister and I dancing with Dad in his seldom worn suit. :)

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Lydia said...

Beautiful portrait. What a priceless gift!! Such talent!

My Dad would air out his suit that he wore to balalaika rehearsals with the professional group that he played with, out the window of his second floor bedroom window(from the smoke).