Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!! And a sneak peek!

Happy Happy New Year everyone! Wow! My first post in the new decade! 2010 has been off to a cozy start for me so far. I've been spending time snuggling with Ben and Magic and have been spending time in my studio too, working on....Valentine's Day goodies!! It's already right around the corner and I swear to decorate for it this year! It's one of my New Year's resolutions....along with getting more organized with my time and my stuff. Organizing was my resolution last year too...and I accomplished it. I am now much better organized than I was in 2008, but it can get better still!

Anyway, my cold is gone and lots of pink and red and white people have been popping up in my studio. I'm so happy to be working in this cheery color palette. And I think these characters are happy about it too!

I went around my studio the other day gathering the appropriate colors and hearts and flowers and ribbons and trim to accessorize with. Looking at the little collection together made me smile.

Vintage glass picks, cupcake toppers, little metal hearts (thanks Mimi for these!), velvet flowers, feathers (some from my own birds!) and more. Pompom trim, sequins, ruffles and vintage seam binding. I love it all!

Many of these cuties will be going to stores locally and around the country, but I also plan to list some pieces on Etsy soon. Stay tuned!!

Oh yes! And I found the Martha Stewart clip that had eluded me. Luckily they didn't show my tree falling down!

In more general blog news...for some reason blogger stopped sending me an email every time a comment was made. I didn't think anyone made a comment on my last mega post until I looked at the post itself today, but I was wrong! Thank you so much for all your sweet words! It really melted my heart as it always does. I always want to respond to your comments, but for some reason your email addresses rarely show up, so I can't just hit 'reply' when they arrive in my inbox. :( Another New Year's resolution...figure out why and fix it if I can! :)

Also, I just added a 'follow' do-hicky the side bar on my blog (thank you sMacthoughts for the suggestion!). If you wish, please feel free to follow my blog if you're not already. I love seeing you all and exploring your blogs if you have them!

Thank you again for all of your sweet words and encouragement. It makes me want to create more and share more with you all! :) Happy New Year!


Ashley said...

Oh my goodness! I love to see the Valentine's Day goodies coming out.. I'm getting married the Saturday before (the 13th) Valentine's Day, so seeing all the goodies reminds me how close it really is! I think I'll have to snap up one of your guys in honor of the occassion! :)

Kerry Hawkins said...

that would have been cool if they bought your whole collection at Martha Stewart craft show. I look forward to seeing your valentine day creatures

sMacThoughts said...

Yay, I'm so happy to finally formally follow you! Love all the pinks and reds and all your trims and findings.... how fun to create. Gonna check out the video clip now!

theresa said...

Great video clip with Martha! Rock ON!!!! Your table did look fabulous!!! WOW! What a collection!!! Martha should have bought it all!