Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Show and Tell!

It's finally time for show and tell! I haven't had a spare moment in a while to treasure hunt at flea markets or antique stores, but I have been picking things up here and there at shows and on trips and I've been anxious to show you!!

This first little collection is from Tinsel Trading. Ben bought me a generous gift certificate for my birthday last year (well...2008) and this past Thanksgiving (and birthday time) was the first time I'd been back since. It was hard to decide. Did I want things to decorate the house? Or did I want materials to use in my work? Well...I decided on the latter. I found fabulous big red baubles on sticks (huge balloons for some future large figures), crinkle wire, tiny bees and a ladybug, antique metal thread, wee little white flowers, a snowman head and a parakeet pin (I'll be wearing that one...it looks a little like Sam!).

I also picked up these antique wood feather tree bases. I got a red one too that I used for a spun cotton display tree for my holiday show booths (the one that fell!).

This heavy metal fly is quite large and really neat. I love insects and spiders and couldn't resist this guy when I spotted him in a Texas antique shop. I didn't do much shopping during my cross country trip in November, so he's one of my only souvenirs! His wings flip up to store...cigarettes ashes...but for me he'll hold stray earrings and things. :)

The Boston Bazaar Bizarre yields tons of amazing wares every year. I managed to run around for just a short while scoping out goodies. I spotted this really amazing letter press mushroom card from Ilee Paper Goods. The quality of the print and paper is great and I love the vivid colors. I don't ever buy cards to giveaway...I prefer to give presents...this one is going in a frame for myself!

An interesting fellow approached my booth at Baz Biz and offered a trade. His name was Peter and he mentioned that his creations included dried crab legs. I was a little skeptical, but told him I wanted to see. I was very pleasantly surprised! While this figure is nothing short of strange and bizarre, she is quite a work of art and very nicely detailed! And I love her removable fishing pole. I gladly accepted the trade. :)

This pretty necklace was made by my friend Lisa of Glamour Puss. I have admired her vintagey jewelry for quite some time and finally decided it was time to get one for myself. I had such a hard time deciding but finally made up my mind. Thanks Lisa!

This pretty little thing was made by a super sweet gal who took my needle felting class last winter and so thoughtfully recently gifted me with this green wool bead necklace! I LOVE this necklace and wear it a alot. It's very well made and I've gotten lots of compliments on it. She has her own Etsy shop with necklaces, earrings and other goodies. Check out it!!

While in Saratoga for the holiday, my Mom, Ben, sisters, and I ventured to Schuyler Pond, my favorite local store. You can walk to it from my parent's house! It's a huge barn filled with amazing furniture and whimsical treasures. And I always try to take advantage of their after Christmas sale. I got this Cody Foster snowman for a steal!

These Jennifer Murphy repro birdies aren't nearly as well made as her originals, but they are still super cute!

I actually saw this pretty ornament last year and thought about it many times throughout the year. When I saw it again this year, I knew it was meant to be.

And last but certainly not least is this amazing dresden sheep. Sally of The Dresden Cottage and I did another trade. Thank you so much for this amazing ornament! I need to find a place for it so I can keep it out all year round, just like my owl. :)


Sarah said...

I haven't had much time to tell you how much I am enjoying your blog lately. I love your funky, eclectic eye and seeing your Christmas photos and these photos was wonderful.

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Ha! That was a bang, scrolling down to see that metal fly- I had one of those about 10 years ago! I used him to store little things in, then one day I moved into a house full of rockstars and they found out he was an ash tray...then it was a shame not to use him...and thus he was swallowed into share house eternity. I wonder where he is now.