Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snippets from the Holidays at Home

I spent the Christmas holiday at home with the fam and boy did we have fun! As soon as Ben and I got into town on Christmas Eve, we were whisked away to "the Cove"...which are Hudson River flats my father owns as farm land. It's a constantly flooded area right off the Hudson and it freezes over nicely every winter. I've had many fantastic memories throughout my childhood and even in more recent years at this place. The last time we were here it was on a freakishly warm January evening when there was a thin layer of water on the ice and fog everywhere! It was amazing. Well...this Christmas Eve was amazing too. Dad brought his fourwheeler and a barrel for towing us around in. My sister-in-law Sara snapped a few photos of Dad taking his turn in the barrel. Too funny!

My little sister Suzy and Ben goof off. Suzy wore that tutu the whole time! "Tu" cute!

This pose was supposed to look like we were being blown by strong winds and hanging on to that pathetic dead tree for dear life. Well...sorta. That big pile behind us is a beaver dam! The little beavers were all asleep underneath, waiting for spring. I hope we didn't wake them!

These are a few silly photos snapped on Christmas day at my brother Dan's house. His wife cooked a yummy dinner and we all played games for the night! So much fun!

Grandma looks thrilled to have gotten a "new" shirt. lol

I tried to take a nice photo of my grandmother but Danny always has to ruin it! I cropped it so you could see what I mean. :)

And on our way back home on Sunday evening Ben swung around the block once we were almost at our home in Boston to show me this fabulous display! Holy smokes! I'm glad I don't have to disassemble that. :)

I was a fabulous Christmas and I really look forward to spending it with my family again next year and all the years to come.


Lucie Wicker Art said...

Oh wow, this makes me consider country living. It looks like so much fun!!

lena said...

wow, crystal, this is awesome! you really did have a lot of fun! i would so love to meet your family again, they are all so nice. :)

sMacThoughts said...

I am sitting here laughing out loud at your Grandmother's face with the new shirt!! Love seeing your Christmas fun!