Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

And what better way to celebrate than to show off some Valentine's Day Swap loot! :) I joined Heather's "Petite Inspiration Box Swap" and was matched up with Amy, Jana and Jill. I am so tickled by their creations and vday goodies! I actually paced myself when I opened them, instead of opening them all at once, so I could be separately thrilled each time.

Here's what they sent!

Amy sent this beauty with a tiny paint set, little cupcake wrapper filled with hearts, glitter, and my favorite...a teeny tiny lady bug pin! I forgot to snap a close up...can you see the pin? Maybe if you squint?

And Jana sent this box of awesomeness...candy (yum!), tiny red glass beads (my fav!), an old bingo card, and tons more!!

I lOVE that tiny fork and little cute!

And Jill really out did herself! I didn't think you could fit this much into a tiny matchbox! She sent lots of adorable cards (LOVE the puppies and regal working women), little white buttons, and my very initials in block letters! The white dove on the box is really stunning too!

Hmmmmm...crafty goodness!

Thank you soooooo much ladies for generously letting go of some fabulous craft studio treasures! I will use and enjoy everything! :)

And this is the box I sent. Simple with with a big old vintage blossom from Tinsel Trading and lots of vintage book paper.

Open it up and the bright colors spring out! I made them each a mini Valentine's Day ornament.

Back in the box she goes with ribbons, buttons, baubles and more. I hope they enjoyed everything!

And the best part of Valentine's Day? Spending some cuddle time with my honey. We're driving to visit my family in New York in just a little while and are looking forward to some fun days off ice skating and playing games. Yay! How are you spending Valentine's Day?? I'd love to know!


Kitt said...

How much fun was that! I love everyone's boxes and their contents. Thoughtfulness abounds this Valentine's Day.

laurie -magpie ethel said...

I need to do a swap like that one of these days - fun, fun!

Jana Perenchio said...

I'm SO happy we were swap partners and that you loved your goodies, I loved mine too!!!