Sunday, February 14, 2010

Flea Market Goodies!

I just discovered an almost brand new flea market not too far from Boston. It's a rather humble flea really doesn't take long to go through it, but I did manage to find some treasures, including the wonderful animal slat cards above. I'm not really sure they're for and I actually own another full set complete in the box. These were different than the ones I already had and even though they were damaged and bundled in a brittle rubber band, I just had to have them!

This little tin bank is adorable. I spent more than I normally do on a single item at a flea market ($5), but it was still a bargain in my book!

This little egg cup was beckoning me from his shelf, but he had a very official looking price tag of $4.99 right on his forehead. Luckily I bought some other things from the same dealer and got him for much less. :)

These cuties couldn't be passed up. My mom has a full set of those circus cake people in the top row, so I was happy to find even just a ring master, a strong man and some ballerinas.

I have no idea what I'm going to do with this, but some reason I had to have it. The color and thickness of the envelope and the cute pixie on the front....

...the inside revealed some not too impressive photographs. I bet these folks were disappointed when they got them back from the developer.

I bought this gorgeous old music book thinking I would cut it up to use in crafts, but I don't know if I can bring myself to do it. We'll see...

These tin children's plates are soooo adorable! They almost look like an early Minnie and Mickey Mouse.

Second prize? Really? Why, I'm so flattered! ;)

These plates will serve me well as catch-all's for tiny things in my studio.

And this I've been on the prowl for for quite some time...a vintage mega-thermos! It's really tall and very clean inside. I had to pass up many pretty ones because they were too stinky, but not this one! Yay!

It will now serve me well along with my trusty orange thermos. Don't they make a dandy pair?

This guy looks like he could be Adolf Hitler's brother, but he comes in a nice frame!

This milk glass cherry lidded dish actually came from the Goodwill in Cambridge, but I had to stick it in among my recently acquired treasures!

A trio of fabulous lengthy necklaces will serve me well in my latest jewelry making ventures (which is coming along quite nicely! I'll show you some examples once I have a few more made).

A bag of jewels caught my eye and they luckily came home with me!

These chandelier earrings came from the Goodwill too. They aren't too old, but they matched my charcoal sweater quite nicely I thought!

Oh what a happy day it was when these treasures found their way to my house! :)


laurie -magpie ethel said...

Looks like a decent flea market! You did pretty that tine bank (and of course I zeroed in on those spun heads!)

GeorgiaPeachez said...

That is a LOT of good stuff! xo, suzy

AquaMarine Queen said...

Nice finds! YAY! My sister and I found our way the "Ghetto Flea Market" you told us about at Cabin Fever this past weekend. That was an adventure! We're still giggling about it. Not too many vendors open, so not much treasure hunting to be had.

Linda Branch Dunn said...

I love the bank. I love that you collect stuff and share it with us. Virtual collecting. Horay!

Still regret the tin doll house I gave up.

I used to love having those ballerinas on my birthday cakes. I thought they where the height of beauty.

Little Brown Sparrow said...

You never spend more than $5 on a single item...and you come away with that stuff!?! Holy moly- I need to get a flea market like that, I would've been happy to pay twice that price for the little man eggcup.