Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jewelry party!

This past Sunday I had a couple of friends over for a jewelry making get together. Heather and Heidi trekked to my house and brought their jewels and pliers with them. It was great fun! I didn't remember to take any photos while they were here, but we had the dining room table filled with chains, charms, beads and baubles. I completed several pieces (yay!). Heather made a bracelet that reminded me of the ocean and Heidi made some adjustments to a gorgeous necklace she brought with her. I wish I had snapped some photos of their work. Boo!

Well, today I took some photos of the jewelry I had made (there are quite a few...but some of them I had made before - so I wasn't THAT productive) :)

But first I'll show you my messy table.

I get inspired just by looking at the pieces sprawled about.

This is simply a carved wooden bow pin attached to a chain... Can I still say that I made it if it's simply putting two things together?

These pretty pieces weren't much more difficult to make, but having the vintage jewelery pieces to start with sure helped!

This necklace I made from an old clip on know...the kind that are made with a cluster of beads. I actually used to wear this earring as an earring, but I accidentally dropped it's mate down an elevator shaft several years ago! But at long last, I can wear it again!

I guess I can't say that I made this one either. This was given to me by Ben's sweet mom along with a collection of other jewelry goodies. This magnifying glass pendant was on a super long chain that went all the way down to my waist, so I simply doubled the chain and secured it so I can wear it at a normal length. It's one of my new favorites I think...I can now closely examine bugs, moles and small text at the drop of a hat! :)

This one I also made with a single earring. I bought this leaf earring, along with its mate, in NYC a while ago and LOVED wearing them. But one day I didn't put those little plastic/rubber stoppers on the backs and I lost one! :( Important lesson: don't forget your earring stoppers ladies! But if you do, you can just transform your widowed earring into a fabulous necklace!

This is a simple necklace that I will probably lose sooner rather than later. It stays on simply by putting the little charm through the rhinestone square. It looks really neat when it's on and I'll wear it around the house for a while to see if it will stay. Fingers crossed!

This charm bracelet is really charming me! I can see passing this down to a future daughter or granddaughter some day. It's already so special in many ways. The little row of doggies was my mom's, the little ballerina was mine when I was super little, the seahorse I bought at a craft fair when I was a kid and the others I've collected here and there and became instant favorites. The baby arm is the only one I'm not sure about...what do you think? Yes? No? Should I take it off? The connector is from a vintage double strung plastic pearl necklace I wore until it broke. And I'm looking forward to adding to it too!

This necklace I didn't make, but bought from another artist a year ago. I wore it all summer and really loved it until the love birds split up (or, broke in my suitcase while I was traveling). :( Sweet Heather knew what happened and brought me a replacement! Thank you so much Heather! She sells them in her beautiful shop, Speckled Egg. Go check it out! :)

One last thing...I remember that a while ago I mentioned that my comments weren't working. It's been fixed for a while now (I should have said that sooner) and I'd love to hear what you think about my silly creations! :)


Kerry Hawkins said...

what a fun idea, these are cool creations

Deborah said...

I think a jewelry party is a great idea for a get together. I love that charm bracelet and the love birds as well.

Birds of a Feather said...

Hi Crystal ~

That was so much fun, thanks for having us! I brought my camera, but didn't take any pics! Of course I would have loved to take some of all your wonderful displays and beautiful decorating ~ every nook and corner!

Hope we can do it again soon ~
xo H