Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Flea Market Goodies

This past Sunday, Ben and I went to a flea market that we've never been to before in nearby Revere. Ben has been going to a lot of flea markets with me lately, and instead of asking "are we done yet?" he's been digging through stuff in search of old treasures too! This change of heart is actually because he's been sort of taking over my Vintage from Crystal Etsy shop! Crazy huh? Well, there's a good reason for it. He's working on his Master's Degree in social work and recently had to quit his job so he could do an internship (an unpaid internship...sigh). When he was trying to think of ways to make some extra moola, I suggested that he take over my vintage treasures shop. I didn't think he would really do it, but was pleasantly surprised when he got excited about it! I had originally opened the shop (which is separate from my main Etsy shop) because I always found myself buying too many vintage goodies and thought I should share my loot while preventing the producers of that show Hoarders from knocking on our door. Plus it helped pay for some of the supplies I bought...especially if I splurged because I knew that antique doohicky would look perfect in the hands of one of my figures. Well...I'm happy to now give that responsibility to Ben...granted he gets to keep the dough, but now he's really enjoying himself and is catching on quick to finding the good stuff! I'm so thrilled to have a partner in crime! At least for now...we'll see what happens after he graduates. Sooo...some of the goodies in this post are for me to keep or giveaway, and some of it is for Ben to sell so he can buy himself some life sustaining vittles! :)

Anyway...the flea market we just went to was in a big old church and we met some interesting characters there! We also found some pretty good junk. Not the best, but not bad for mid-winter in the city. This doll was a great find at a good price. I wasn't totally crazy about dolls when I was a kid, but that must have been because I never had a big, cool, old one! lol

These 1980's My Little Ponies are a gift for a friend who fixes them up. As long as the pictures on their booties aren't scratched or worn off...they're good for a makeover!

Some nice old ric rac always come in handy in the studio. An old cat/small dog collar was my favorite color and at 50 cents, I couldn't resist! Magic doesn't wear a collar...she always manages to get a front leg through it, no matter how tight it is...silly cat. I also picked up an old iron lobster shaped bottle opener/pot grabber...I imagine this being used by a crusty old lobsterman in a nearby 1940's seaport town. :)

I've been refraining from purchasing plates (My cabinet is officially full!), but I'd like to replace Ben's ugly bowl set...these pretty pinecones are an excellent start! Ben also found a mini cutting board for a quarter, which we'll be using quite often in the kitchen - perfect for cutting a single tomato or onion.

Ben spotted these excellent vintage canteens and a camping cookware set. I love these! They are so great for camping, which we plan on doing a bunch of this summer! But I think Ben has his mind on selling them...maybe I'll buy them!

These pillows are very mini and adorable! They match our living room perfectly! But I think these are going on Etsy too. Gosh...maybe I shouldn't have brought Ben treasure hunting with me!

The very best kind of real antique sheet music. Most of this will be in the shop, but not before I grab a bunch for myself!

These old yarn art cards are fantastic! They'll look great in a frame or can keep the kids (like Ben) entertained for hours!

This paint-by-number great dane was my favorite find of the day. A shaky hand executed it, but it only adds to the charm! I'm not letting Ben get his hands on this one!

On another note...I've got some exciting things to post tomorrow! Stay tuned!


mimi k said...

That doll is fantastic!

Lucie Wicker Art said...

I had both of those My Little Ponies when I was a kid. I actually think the one on the left was my very first one.

Linda Branch Dunn said...

words can't express how weird it is to see stuff I've given away show up as precious finds. Those pillows. Those ponies. Even the camping set (I always coveted my sister's). Stop me! I falling into the Time Tunnel....