Thursday, March 4, 2010

Introducing the brand new Springtime Friends

Say hello to our brand new Springtime Friends! These sweet, springy characters are very special and all one of a kind - made in collaboration by both my mother and I. My mother (Sharon Hanehan) is an extremely talented sculpture and created the bodies of these animals using wool and the technique of needle felting. Her pieces were perfect to begin with, but we just can't have naked bunnies running around, so I dressed them up and and placed them in a fun environment, to keep them, and you entertained! My mom used all natural wool, much of which is wool from the local sheeps in and around Saratoga County NY. I used a variety of vintage and new materials to created their clothes and accessories. And their much larger than the spun cotton figure I normally make...they really are eye catching and make a statement!

Well...enough chatting, here are more photos!

This super sweet gal has a crepe paper skirt, wool felt apron with vintage trim, and vintage lace belt, and holds a mini wicker basket holding tiny speckled eggs and a "Happy Spring" banner. She sits on an old paper mache egg complete with vintage Easter grass and some little millinery flowers. She's the first piece that was completed and really made me excited about the rest!

This fantastic bunny boy is on his way to your house to deliver some Easter goodies! He has crepe paper pants, vintage trim belt, suspenders and a bow tie. He holds vintage glass cranberries and a mini nutcup on his back filled with flowers and other treasures! He also stands on a sweet little box embellished with vintage yumminess, including vintage spun cotton mushrooms sent from Lena, my fabulous friend in Germany!

This sweetie holds a vintage spun cotton chick that I've been holding onto for quite sometime. She is perfect with it, so I decided she deserved to hold on to it now. She wears a brightly colored teal and green crepe paper dress with wool felt apron and has all the vintage trimmings. She stands on a hexagonal box dotted with tiny Easter eggs, yet to be discovered and dropped into her basket.

This brown beauty wears a crepe paper dress with full felt apron hand painted and trimmed with vintage lace. She sits on an oversized paper mache egg spotted Easter egg and holds tight to her smaller, but still large blue egg and pom pom birdie. I just love the color combo pretty!

What a jolly group they make!

These fantastic chick sculptures were made by mom of course. They are a bit larger than life and make a wonderful Easter statement in any springtime display.

These two chickies whispered in my ear and said they wanted a little something extra, so I put them onto nice white eggs nestled in some vintage Easter grass. Can you tell which egg is real and which is wooden?

So cute altogether!

This upright duckling is looking for his new mom! Aren't his little webbed feet to die for?

This piece is super special. It's very large and destine to be to the focal point on the mantel or as a centerpiece. My mom spared no detail in her sculpting of Mother Rabbit, with her neatly rendered paws and fantastic facial features. I dressed her in a large crepe paper skirt with wool felt apron. And what mother leaves the house emty handed, so I made her a little wool purse too! The baby buggy she pushes is egg shaped and deep fuschia under those vintage ruffles. A wire frame and vintage coat buttons for wheels completes it. And best of all...

...are the babies inside! These cuties are nestled in vintage Easter grass and warmed under a cotton batting blanket edged in old lace and trim. And they aren't glued in...take the blanket off and you can pick up the sweet babes and see how beautifully detailed they are!

Thank you Mom for working together on this amazing springtime collection! It was so much fun working with her amazing sculptures and digging into parts of my vintage materials stash that I don't normally touch!

These pieces are now off to Etsy, in search of new homes. They are all one of a kind and once they're gone, they're gone...(sniff sniff). :)


Karin said...

They are all amazing...just beautiful.

Me! said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

Crystal!!!! These are stunning! Such beautiful work! LOVE them!

Birds of a Feather said...

Oh my , how adorable! What a treat to work with your mom too!

xo H

AquaMarine Queen said...

These are to die for! Just precious :)

darryl moland said...

These are amazingly beautiful Crystal. You and your mom make a great team!

paperbird said...

So beautiful...I love your sweet creations.

Marlene said...

Crystal...I just love the bunnies they are sooo precious & the little chicks ohhh & the little duckling they are all soooo sweet..

Anonymous said...

Adorable! so talented! Happy Easter..
Lovely post...I am having a pink blog giveaway!

Elyse said...

omg, these are all just amazing. wow!