Thursday, April 1, 2010

Beauty Eggs

Are they just beautiful? But these pretty ladies are real egg heads too (har har). I made these about a month ago and they've been keeping me pretty decent company ever since. I got the idea from a photo of two vintage egg girls I found online somewhere a while ago (I have a collection of inspiration photos categorized by season). They were just so cool I had to try to make some myself. So I did!

This one is my favorite. She's made from a dried goose egg that my mother's had since the 1970's. I remember always seeing a small collection of these large goose eggs stashed in a closet during the entirety of my childhood. Sitting there in the same exact spot...year after year. They were always the one thing that was never touched during the numerous cleanouts and repurposes of this hallway closet (I wonder why?). Unsure of the fate of those eggs, I took a couple with me when I moved out (don't tell mom!). They were covered thick with dust but after a good cleaning they looked so pretty. I thought this project was cause enough to sacrifice one egg to glue and magic marker...and I'm happy with the results! :) Her hair is made from raw fleece my mom and I bought from a local's so crimpy! And she has faint rosey cheeks...she's so great!

And this sweet thing suffered a terribly injury. What? No! Of course I didn't break her. It was Ben. Of course. lol Thankfully the woolen hair softened the blow to the hardwood floor for all the rest, but this albino girl landed right on her pretty forehead. Poor thing.

This is the original photo from my inspiration collection. I wish I remembered where it came from...but I'm guessing ebay. If you want to make your's quite simple. Just blow out some eggs, get a thin point sharpie, some wool and some tacky glue - and go to town creating a whole pageant full of beauty queen eggs! :)

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mimi k said...

The first thing I thought when I saw the broken egg- "I've got SUCH a headache!"