Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Decorations

I snapped a few photos photos from around the house this morning and wanted to share them with you. I love Easter decor and my collection is gettin bigger and bigger (just as it should!). Bunnies are abound in my house. Take a look! :)

These guys typically hang out with their teddy bear and stuffed doggy friends, but for now they form a sweet trio in a pretty vintage basket.

My favorite area to decorate is the dining room nook. It's very large and my milkglass collection always serves as a great background for additional seasonal goodies. It's so easy to dress it up!

Bunnies and chickens and ducks are perfect for spring!

I found the rooster egg cup in Germany and later on found his pretty hen wife at a garage sale somewhere here or there. They're quite happy to have found eachother.

The top of my China hutch is another favorite place to decorate. I have my wedding goodies there...but I also added a few Easter things to them too. Why not?

The living room side table can't be ignored! My Dad gave me a dozen fresh araucana eggs the last time I went to visit and I mixed them with a few white eggs from our fridge in a large apothecary jar for a colorful but subtle display. I'll keep them out all year long. Eventually the eggs will dry out and will last forever (assuming they stay away from a clumsy Ben). That milk glass rabbit was a great find a few years glad I snatched it up!

This little guy was a recent splurge at Tinsel Trading. He's not old, but he sure looks it and he opens up to stash candy! The springy ears are what really got me!

Of course I couldn't neglect the dvd shelf. A few scattered bunnies, eggs and ducks are perfect to detract from the multicolored-ness of random dvd jackets.

Hope you liked my little tour! I'm heading to my parent's house tomorrow morning for an Easter BBQ and decorating eggs...I hope you all have a great Easter holiday!


Amanda said...

Happy Easter! Your decorations are lovely.

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Happy Easter dear and thanks for sharing all the Easter goodies. I ALWAYS ENJOY seeing what treasures you have on display. I would have snapped up that tinsel trading rabbit as well. Hope you have a hoppy day!

starrynightimpressions said...

I see you are a shabby chic decorator too :) Love all the milk glass also, you have a wonderful collection.
Just watched your MS clip, so romantic, made me cry, I don't know how you made it thru the day with a guest spot on Martha and an engagement all at the same time!
PS. we are on the same etsy team, cottage style :)and I've always loved your creations.