Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat, where are you?

Why, they're right here of course! I realized a little while ago that this year I've been severely lacking in dressing up my precious little cat girls for Halloween. Sooo...I just finished making 8 little one-of-a-kind kitties for anyone who was hoping for them this year. I just love how they all turned out. Some are more spooky while some are bringing in the harvest. I enjoyed adding lots of little detail too...I hope they charm you just as much as they've charmed me!

They are all listed right now in my Etsy shop...if you see one you like...snatch it up! They are are one of a kind kitties!

Also...don't forget! As stated in my previous post...tomorrow is the last day place a custom order until January 1st!

1 comment:

vivian said...

LOVE them! and the three that I like are already gone! you make the cutest things!
have a good night!