Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Decorations

At long last! I managed to take some semi decent photos of my Halloween decorations! Let's start with the living room...

While Ben watches the tube, I stare up at my much coveted ghouls, black cats and party favors.

Can you guess which ones are vintage and which ones were made by me?

(Answer: The party crackers are vintage, the surprise balls are made by me!)

My little onion girl (who I selfishly couldn't sell!) is frightened among the other crazed smiles and laughs!

I made these gourd men from my mom's dried gourds...I love how they turned out!

This is a giant bushel gourd, also grown by mom. And can you believe it! It came out of the ground like that!

Mini face gourds piled in an apothecary jar on the end table.

I didn't even realize I had collected so many vintage crepe witches! All fought over on eBay. :)

Grandma's China Hutch is decorated pretty much the same way I had it last's nice because the pumpkins light up at night.

Even the quails get a little fall makeover. They were afraid of the leaves at first...but eventually they dragged a few into their little gourd house.

My crepe paper tree is still in good form.

Ornaments from all different artists...I love it!

Gourds from my cousin's pumpkin stand. Love that warty one!

I made a coven of these cardboard and crepe paper witches...inspired by vintage look-a-likes.

We'll be carving these pumpkins soon!
LOVE this jumping cat man...he's hinged at the waist is so cheery!

My little sister made this bat years ago...I still love it!

The hallway needs some gruesome decorations too! Scary masks dress up apothecary jars.

Air plants, acorns, and chestnuts add a natural touch.

Yay! I hope you've enjoyed the tour! :)


laurie -magpie ethel said...

I've been waiting for this tour...always love to see your house! Great Halloween goodies - i would have kept onion gal as well.
Happy Halloween weekend

Mary B. in Texas said...

Thank you for the tour. I loved all the things. The bright colors, the graphics, and your creations made it so fun. You ought to keep some of your goodies. I love onion girl and pumpkin head girl. Your skeleton gourd is awesome. Now I am looking forward to the Christmas tour! Yeah!
Mary B.