Thursday, October 28, 2010

A tutorial and a mini sale!

I should have posted about this a few weeks ago, but better late than never! Kari from Artsy Mama has asked me if I was willing to create a tutorial for her Halloween fun filled blog, the Sweet and Sinister Blog. Of course I was honored by the invitation and came up with this cute little paper mache kitty sitting atop a top hat! It was inspired to create it by peeking at one of Mark Ledenbach's Halloween collectibles books. I love how it turned out!

You can see it, and many more fun tutorials my emailing Kari about getting an invitation to the blog!

Also, I just wanted to showcase these last couple of Halloween items that are currently in my Etsy shop now. I'm so proud to say that it's been a wonderful Halloween and fall season and all but just a couple of my spun cotton characters found new homes. Including this adorable little graveyard candy box with a trio of ghosts...the last of the two that were available. It opens up into a box so you can stash your favorite Halloween candy inside!

A pair of children dressed up as devils. One black, one red, but both bad!

And these four birdie children were actually a bit forgotten about until now! Last Halloween I made a whole bunch of these birdies, but had four left over. I was concentrating so much on all of my brand new items, that I forgot to offer them for sale again this year, until now. But since I'm so late and since they've been orphans for long enough (yes, I just watched Annie the other day)...I decided to pair them up and post them at a special discounted price. Each pair are completely one of a kind and are only $25! I probably won't be making any more of these for next year. They are freshly posted in my Etsy shop!

And later today I'll be working on photographing my Halloween decor (always an intimidating feat for me!)...stay tuned for the results tomorrow! Fingers crossed that the photos won't be too dark! :)

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