Monday, November 15, 2010

More strange birds on Etsy!

I like to try and please the masses, so I've created 6 new original owls and two Thanksgiving turkeys. They are all currently available on Etsy along with some other animals, including the newly debuted duck billed platypus! I will not be making any more turkeys this season and I'm not sure when I'll next make might be a while. I've been spinning and painting and gluing like crazy to get ready for my three big holiday shows this December, it's fun and hard work all at once!

Also, check back here tomorrow, I'll be listing more Christmas goodies to Etsy tomorrow, including snowmen! Yay! I just wanted to let my faithful blog readers be the first to know in case you had your heart set on owning a Vintage by Crystal owl or turkey! If not, then I hope you enjoy the photos! I promise to show you some other cool vintagey things soon. Including these adorable and really funny looking crepe paper turkeys I just got. :)

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Amanda at 32˙North said...

Wow to the turkeys! They are so awesome!