Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Twelve Days of Christmas and a dreamy collaboration

Hurry before they're gone! Jennifer Murphy has just updated her website with these amazing little animals! I am just tickled to see all the characters that are holding tiny spun cotton goodies made by yours truly. Her animals go super fast, so check it out now!

And since I've been holed up in my studio since Halloween and haven't even taken down my Thanksgiving decorations yet (an abomination I know!), I'm officially celebrating the 12 days of Christmas! Tonight I'll be making my wreath (finally) and tomorrow I plan to start decorating. To go along with the fun of that, I'll also be doing the 12 days of Christmas here on my blog! Each day I'll post about fun Christmas-y things, complete with festive photos! This Jennifer Murphy holiday update post will kick things off!

I love how she paired the kitties and elephants and that snowman looks like he's got something naughty in store for that poor mouse. Most of the figures I made are extra small to accommodate Jen's small statured creations. And this little collage contains some of my other favorites...so adorable!! :)

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