Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Flea Market Treasures!

Ben and I recently hit an indoor flea market a little south of Boston that I had assumed was defunct. I hadn't been there in over a year and was very pleased to see that they had expanded from one floor to two. However the old industrial building still had little heat and I had to leave my gloves on while sifting through piles of old junk. The best find of the day has to be this collection old metal people. Aren't they amazing?! Some of my best flea market and antique store finds were hiding in inconspicuous boxes, just out of reach. If they had been on display and simply just in sight, they would have long been snatched up. These guys were hiding in an old cardboard cheese box with the lid closed. It actually had "Christmas village" written lightly in pencil on the outside and I completely expected to find cheap plastic houses or something of the like inside. Even after I opened it, it took me a moment to notice the lead figures. They were mixed in with some other junky Christmas stuff. Of course the vendors at this flea market are always wandering around so I had to track down the guy and was crossing my fingers for a good price. Finally I found him...or rather his daughter found him. "Twenty five dollars for this and that". (I had another item you'll see further down in this post). It was an amazing price for just the figures alone, but he seemed kind of mean, so I pushed it, "I'll give you twenty". "How about thirty?" he said. "How about twenty?" I said politely. He relented. I felt bad for bartering when the price was already great, but oh well.

Also in that box were these fancy figures. Bisque, plaster, wood and a little paper mache snowman. Those German stick animals are some of my favorites!

At another booth I spent a fair amount of time sifting through piles of random old junk. I picked out quite a few goodies and bargained a little with the vendor there too, although this time it was necessary as his price was much higher than I had expected.

Those tiny white scissors have a slight curve to them and I've been using them quite a bit in my studio!

I pulled these large pieces from the pile of junk too. Not sure what the wooden thing is, but I imagined putting it somewhere and hanging necklaces or something off of it. The other piece is from an old toy railroad set. Who knows where this will end up.

Also from the pile of junk...baby shoes! I've been meaning to do a project with the shoes I already had, but the idea just has to stick in my brain for longer than three minutes! Baby shoes, baby shoes, baby shoes....

I had a mini mission of finding some new old frames for my collection upon entering the flea market. Three dollars for the metal double frame (it's a reproduction...but oh well) and one dollar for the mirrored art deco frame. Yay! I already put some old family photos inside. I'll show you my collection later.

At long last I found another music book! This will be where all my sheet music paper for my hats and leaves and what not will come from for my spun cotton characters. Several years ago I found a similar book at the local "ghetto" flea market, and haven't been able to find a good one since. My old one only has a few pages left...so the timing is perfect!

I simply can't resist old cake plates...especially if they have lids. I don't know if this is an original pair...but at four smackaroos, it works for me!

This baby is the other piece I bought along with the lead figures. It's square and old and rusty and for some reason I imagined a Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger store using it as an interesting store display piece for gloves or something. I'm not sure if I'll use it for visual display and storage or use it for it's original purpose, which appears to be an oven of sorts. It even has a little tray for coal. Neat!

This display cabinet isn't old, but I had to have it because it has glass sides. I'm a sucker for any kind of cabinet with glass sides. They remind me of apothecary, medicinal storage cases or something. This piece is actually two doll display cases set side by side. I plan to paint it with shiny black lacquer and add glass shelves for an old school looking display case. We'll see how it turns out!

I also wanted to show you my latest ebay acquisitions. Since I haven't been able to go garage saling consistently for a while, I find myself spending waaaay too much sifting ebay, but luckily I don't come out empty handed. These cuties will join my wedding cake topper collection.

And this guy I bought with Ben in mind. He isn't particularly religious or anything, but it's old and fits nicely in with my wedding cake toppers.

So there it is! My brand new old pride and joys! :)


laurie -magpie ethel said...

I always like seeing your flea market treasures as I feel I am shopping right there with you. Love that little paper coin (?) with the owl and crescent moon - have not seen one of those before. fun finds as usual and can't wait to see everything put to use in your creations.

Bohemian said...

Thank you for visiting my Blog and leaving me that message... I'm so sorry to hear about the issue you are having with copyright infringement on your work. This was the only time I had ever seen that particular Artist's work or meet her... it was at a local trunk show so I did't know the History of her Art or what may have inspired it. The Friend that was with me wanted me to take a few photos because she thought her Grandkids would love to see the whimsical work. As a courtesy to any Artists allowing me to photograph their work I let them know I will run at least one Post in my Blog in support of local Artistry. I sincerely Hope you and she are able to resolve the infringement issue, so that you both can continue to saturate the World with creativity and beauty... thanks for letting me know your story.

Dawn... The Bohemian

Bohemian said...

Not certain if my most recent comment 'took' so will try again? As a courtesy to you I have now removed the photos and link on that Post since I'm now aware there is copyright infringment issues with the work that was photographed. Again, I truly Hope things work out... Dawn... The Bohemian

Mary said...

I see like minds thing alike... I too LOVE those poker chips with the owl and moon on them. You got so many cool items, I can't wait to see them turning up in your future creations!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear! That Groom looks as if he was in a fight. HeHeHe!

Bumble Belly Designs said...

WOW! That Santa on skis is Fabulous! You found so many goodies. I can't wait to see what you make with them! Will you be at Cabin Fever? I think I may need to add to my VTC collection!

Carla said...

What an adorable Cake Topper!! Now, you know I have to be looking out for one of those!

Theresa Smythe said...

Hi Crystal! Hope you are well! That is the best find you could ever find of metal figures!!!! Those figures are called Barclay figures and each one is worth $20-40 a piece!!! You super scored! I know this because we had them under our Christmas tree when I was a kid and I played with them for hours! I've since been lucky to find a few in my travels but to get them without significant paint loss is a blessing! You are one lucky duck!!!!