Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New York Finds...

This past weekend Ben and I went to NYC to visit some friends and then I dragged them around all over the city to do some window shopping...and some shopping shopping. My first stop was at MJ Trimmings. They have floor to ceiling walls of fine ribbons and trims and it's truly a feast for the eyes. I spent maybe a little too much time in there...but came out with the perfect array of silky, chenille-y, lacey trims, perfect for the collection of wedding cake toppers I plan to make this spring. A little celluloid cow from the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market rode with the bag of trims the whole day for protection. She's still in one piece and doesn't seem to want to leave the comfort of fine trims!

The Hell's Kitchen Flea Market was freeeeezing.....shopping outside in the winter requires thicker gloves than I had on...but the numb fingers were worth it. I found this tiny collection of bisque circus animals (and a lead pig) for a song to go with my other bisque circus characters...some of them I think are even from the same series that I already have...yay!

In the morning before breakfast we stopped at a little thrift store which wasn't far from where we were staying in Brooklyn with our friends Heather and Russ (who didn't complain at all whilst I drag them all over town). At the thrift store I found some fantastic old charms...two bucks for the lot! I think I might need a new charm bracelet to fit them all!

Some vintage plastic birdies from Hell's Kitchen. Some with broken legs...but I think I can help them out some how...

A cool old leathery box and Christmas trinkets from the thrift store.

Of course I stopped at Tinsel Trading to say Hi to Marcia and to pick up some "necessities".

Do think these are gross? I thought they were really cool and I'm glad they aren't freshly deceased. The petite antlers make a subtle statement I think.

A happy and successful day!

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