Friday, February 10, 2012

Birthday Clock

My Dad's birthday was last Sunday and we had a little superbowl/birthday party for him. It was great fun! And for his birthday I made him this clock. Not to remind him that the clock was ticking as he got older, but because his old clock that he had in his shop at the farm had stopped and I thought he could use a replacement.

It was easy to assemble...I went to the local thrift shop and bought and newer looking plain that I didn't mind taking apart. I left the pretty bird clocks there (they had so many bird clocks!). It was just like a picture frame...very easy to disassemble.

Then I took my fabulous vintage stencils that I bought years ago at a garage sale and stenciled some numbers on an old saw blade I was keeping for this very purpose with white paint (many layers of white paint...). I also had to paint the clock hands as they were originally red and didn't show up against the rusty dark patina of the blade.

I had to create a custom cardboard washer to fit the hole of the saw so the clock mechanism would stay in place. I also glued the actual mechanism onto the back of the blade for better support...hopefully it will hold.

Before hands...

And voila! Cool new/old clock for Dad's shop! :) Happy Birthday Dad!!

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