Friday, February 10, 2012

Vintage Goodies!!

I have vintage goodies coming out of my ears!

As I've been setting up my studio and the rest of my house, I've also been sorting through things I've had stashed away for quite a while and decided to sell a whole bunch of it. I've got boxes and boxes of things that I've been working on photographing and posting to my Vintage from Crystal Etsy shop, which I had long neglected because of moving, marriage, etc.
With my new camera and my new's been fun getting my other Etsy shop back into gear and also to start making room for more treasure hunting in the near future!
I hope you'll take a peek and see if there might be any goodies you just can't live without. I've priced everything reasonably low (the majority is 10 bucks or less), so hopefully it's a little like shopping at your local junk shop! And I've got lots more to post, so I hope you'll check back in as well. I'll try to post collages like this to the blog whenever I've added another good chunk of goodies in the shop too. Fun fun fun! :)

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