Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Don't forget to give your Valentine a kiss today! It's the day of love and I hope you all have someone special in your lives to be your Valentine...be it a husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, parent, child, friend, etc. Today is a day that Hallmark loves, but also a day to remember that you're loved and to remind the ones you love that they are too. :)

I'm not huge on Hallmark, so instead I like to make my own cards with some doodles and sharpies. My sister loves Medieval things, so I drew her a love dragon.

And it seems that I had always loved making cards for Valentine's Day. Just last week my mom and I were cleaning out some of the things at my Grandmother's house (she lives with my brother now) and found these two old Valentine's that I had made for her when I was a kid. I remember that the paper lace place mat dazzled me and I almost didn't want to give it away!

And what a good sister I was...it looks like I included my brother in the well wishes, since he was never good at sentiment.

And I thought I'd share with you my little Valentine's Day display.
Instead of spreading things all over, I like to group them together to create something more eye catching. My china cabinet always seems like a good pedestal to arrange things.

I haven't gotten many new things for Valentine's Day over the last year...but I'm going to have to keep my eyes peeled this year as I'd like to spread the Valentine's Day cheer around the house a little bit more. I did steal some pink and red ornaments from my Christmas stash though.

These are some of my favorite ornaments. The little girl was made by Magpie Ethel and the rest are very very old ornaments from Germany...well...they may have been made in Russia, but they found their way to Germany to spend most of their lives thus far, until they came to the US a few years ago. There's nothing like a bit of immigration to make this girl happy!

And the character crew is happily hanging out!

I did manage to dress up my mantel in the kitchen just slightly with some holiday cheer.

This lonesome bachelor has lots of love to give!

I hope you all have an amazingly wonderful Valentine's Day! :)


2daisies said...

Thanks for sharing your pics of your wonderful Valentine decorations!
Love your tree with the vintage ornaments!
Of course all the other decor is cute too!



Dawn said...

Guess you know what a lucky girl you are to have a mantel in the kitchen . . .
Also, so cute the way you signed your homemade Valentine's card to your grandparents with your and your brother's last name-just in case your grandparents wouldn't know who "Crystal" and "Dan" were!

Happy Valentine's Day to the newlyweds, Crystal and Ben!!

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Love the lonesome bachelor...poor fellow! Happy Valentine's Day!