Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I've been working diligently on my next Easter update all day today. And as I was doing so, I fluttered around my studio gathering all things pastel and springy. I discovered a drawer that I hadn't opened in a while (seems to be the theme this week) and discovered a forgotten stash of some of the best little holiday trinkets I've come across during my years of treasure hunting. A little brown pom pom bunny was among them. I thought it unfair that I only had one. But I do have a box of pom poms I had also collected during treasure hunts and decided to make the little brown bunny some friends! Some gluing and careful shaping was all it took. Now I'll have a handful of characters with brand new pom pom pets!

And also on the bunny front are a quintet of hand delivered bunnies of a different and more complicated nature. I don't think I could replicate these little guys if I tried. These tiny needle felted wool bunnies were made by my mom. We are doing a small amount of collaborative pieces this year and these tiny bunnies will be paired up with a couple of my cotton characters. So cute!!

I plan to announce my next update tomorrow or the next day...stay tuned! :)

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GrayFlannel said...

Exciting!! I love your all new bunnies. Can't wait to see what else you and your Mom have up your sleeve for the Easter update.