Monday, March 19, 2012

Look at What I Found!

This box was in my basement before Ben and I moved into our new house last May. I had put it there myself years earlier (we bought the house in 2008 but didn't move in until last year), but had long since forgotten about it. I moved it up to a closet in my studio after we moved, but still hadn't opened it until just the other day. And just in time too!

I found Easter and Mother's Day figures from 2009! These were the pieces that the Martha Stewart Show crew had asked me to make for them to use as props for the first segment I was in and to help decide which project to do during the segment. I remember now that they had mailed them all back to me a little while later, after Easter and after Mother's Day. So I stashed them in the basement of the new house, thinking...I'm not sure what.

There are 15 pieces altogether...aren't they cute?! I've decided that instead of keeping them for myself as mementos from my time on Martha, I'll share the love! Not only that...but I'll also offer them at the prices I would have sold them for three years ago! If you see one you'd like, just email me or check them out in my Etsy shop. :)

Over the last 5 or 6 years that I've been spinning cotton, I have only kept a few various figures from previous years...and even though there's only a three year difference between now and the newly found stash, it's interesting to see how different they look, and also the ways in which the look hasn't changed at all. The cotton I used then was a little different, so it's strange to see that cotton when I'm now so used to seeing the new cotton. There are also three needle felted wool pieces. I haven't sculpted wool pieces in...well, three years I guess! I'm really loving this trip down spun cotton memory lane!

Some of the bunnies are so big! And I remember finding that flocked egg at a junk shop too...

Some pieces I completely forgot that I ever made! The skunk on a box (more of a Valentine's Day or Anniversary piece) was so sweet. The needle felted mom and baby bunny was quite popular I remember.

The little kangaroo baby can be taken out of the mamma's pouch!

The mini bunny and Easter girl I remember seeing on Martha's set during the show...they gave Miss Blue a close up. And they had considered doing my segment during a Mother's Day show...hence the mom and baby figures. These babies can come out of the mother's arms too.

And yellow chicks!! ...and a duckling! I still make the chick boy nowadays, but this one is so much taller! He's kind of silly to me when I first saw him...but that's only because he was so tall and goofy compared to his shorter younger brothers.

It might be fun to go back and watch my first Martha Stewart segment again and see which pieces you can spot on the worktable and on the set. I know the needle felted chick also got a closeup, but I can't remember them all. Click here to watch on Martha's website. :)

Oh...and I'll be announcing the date and time of my next Easter update soon. Remember I can hold and combine orders from Etsy with pieces from updates to save on shipping. :)

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