Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Let's Party!

I have quite a soft spot for vintage party goodies. Right now I'm working on a bunch of Happy Birthday Girls and thought it was the perfect time to rummage through a big bag of party things that my mom had so thoughtfully picked up for me a garage sale. I think it was 1 or2 years ago now that she gave me the big bag full of party things. I was visiting from Boston and she presented it to me. We through it and looked at everything and oohed and ahhed. I couldn't bring it back with me to Boston for some reason that time and so I stored it in her basement. I few weeks ago a remembered it and went and got it. Looking through it again was just like the first time...full or mystery and surprise. I'll reveal the surprise to you now...starting with some super sweet candle holders. I love the ones in the package all lined up.

Lots of pretty vintage baskets and nut cups. I don't know if I can use all of those cups, but I think I might try!

Laurie from Magpie Ethel collects vintage birthday candle packages, and somehow now I found that I have a collection too. I think I want to put them all in a shadow box frame and hang them on the wall, along with other party goodies, like the boxes of candle holders and some cake picks.

April showers bring May flowers...which need lots of watering, even if from tiny cans!

A variety of cake toppers and picks...

Cool party utensils, gift wrapping ribbon with the foil bands (10 cents each!) and a little paper lantern.

Picks picks picks! I have almost all of Happy Birthday, but missing the "d". I guess I'll have to make an odd ball d to complete the set.

April showers require lots of parasols!

These I think are my favorite of the bunch...little Easter gift tags of a chick and one bunny...the black parts are flocked.

And this was the crown jewel of the lot... Everything you need to build a circus cake!

Super cool right? The sample cake says "Merry Christmas" on it...I don't know...maybe it's just me, but I think it gives off more of a birthday vibe, don't you think?

And the best part? I've just posted a bunch of these very same party goodies to my Vintage from Crystal Etsy shop! I guess I can't keep it all, so I've got to spread the love...for cheap too. If you see something else you wanted that I didn't list, just send me an email (vintagbycrystal@yahoo.com), I was thinking about letting go of a few more of the items as well. :)


Len said...

I love those Easter gift tags, they are about 1920's.

laurie -magpie ethel said...

A girl after my own heart with a birthday candle collection..just got a new one yesterday. Great gift from your mom!