Friday, April 20, 2012

Prehistoric Spun Cotton...

Remember that 1980's movie, The Land Before Time?  A few weeks ago I found an old copy of it at a used record shop.  It was one of those movies I had as a kid that I watched over and over and over again.  My little sister then did the same thing and watched it again and again in the 90's.  It was sad and happy and is now very nostalgic...the song at the end is enough to make my eye well up in tears just hearing a small verse.
Back when my sister was still little, the VCR ate the tape I had and it was ruined.  I was rather sad and haven't watched it since.  Now I've got my new old copy and it's a true treasure for me.

So, with respect to my old friends, "Littlefoot", "Cera", and their enemy...the big scary "Sharptooth", I present...spun cotton dinosaurs!

The Brontosaurus

The Tyrannosaurus Rex
 And the Triceratops

All are currently available in my Etsy shop.  :)


laurie -magpie ethel said...

Oh man those are great. I feel like I grew up in Dinosaur land as my son was crazy, absolutely crazy for dinosaurs. I think we watched every dino movie and he had so many dino figures. Leave it to you to come up with spun cotton dinosaurs!

Dawn said...

Now that is truly vintage-inspired!

Barbara said...

Cutest dinosaurs ever (even though my kids watched those movies so much I thought I might lose my mind!)