Monday, June 4, 2012

The Locust are Blooming!

I was so shocked a few days ago to see a little white cluster of blossoms coming from one of my locust trees! It's very pretty and very fragrant, but it was the only blossom on the whole tree...


Because the tree was a fence post!

We have many many live locust trees on our property, but the only one that wanted to bloom was the garden fence post...go figure! Still...I'm quite enchanted with it and have bent down to give it a sniff quite often. And course, a side note...I know my garden needs weeding! It's been raining so much here that it hasn't dried out enough to rototill it. It's just a very thin layer though and I've been weeding the rows of seedlings. Everything is growing so well!

Including the lawn which is bearing tiny strawberries...

Yum!! Sometimes sweet and sometimes tart! :)

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