Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Garden Gate...

Our new garden gate!! Isn't it pretty?

A couple of Sundays ago my dad called us early in the morning and asked if we wanted to go to the farm to work on the gates we need for our garden. Of course we did! We were planning to weld together some old scrap pip and wire mesh to make some gates...but my dad had grander ideas...

He had just done some minor renovations in his cow barn and had lots of old metal cow stall dividers in his metal scrap bin. They were curvy and straight and could possibly be formed into letters with a little bit of planning.

The stalls looked kinda like this. I forgot to take pictures in my dad's barn before we left, so I found this one online. But this is what they were originally used for.

I cut them apart...

While my dad, Ben, and sister Sara constructed and welded them together.

Ben looks cute in nerdy eye protection glasses.

The result is an amazing eye catching gate that you see right when you pull into the a name on a mailbox, but better.

We also made two smaller gates that will be more functional. The "SLOANE" gate is a stationary gate that will only be opened once a year when dad spreads the manure on the garden. And speaking of name is almost completely changed over...just one more piece of paperwork to complete...phew!

I love recycling!!

And while I was taking photos I took a little tangent and started photographing wild flowers. I used to love these when I was a kid and try to pick them for my grandmother...but their stems are so so tough I almost never was able to actually pick them, lol.

And I also went on a weeding tangent. My little rhubarb plants needed some neating up and I couldn't help myself. The rest of the garden needs some light weeding too and I really want to continue working on my rock wall in front of the garden, but that will all have to wait until next week after Renegade.


Barbara said...

This is completely amazing. I love a good power tool project, but one that requires welding, too? - fabulous!

Olga Bogoroditskaya said...

Gate great! Well done!

Jeanette West said...

I love recycling too! Who doesn’t want to recycle?! What made your stationary gate even more special is the fact that each of you each had a hand in creating it. Good job!