Tuesday, June 19, 2012


This past Sunday I took a break from preparing for Renegade and volunteered at the annual "Sundae on the Farm". Sundae on the Farm happens once a year during National Dairy Month (which of course is June). Each year a different farm in Saratoga County hosts this exciting event and invites the public to tour their farm and help educate people about where their food comes from. People can get up close and personal with farm animals and I saw kids playing in corn, felting wool, petting calves, looking at all of the huge farm equipment and generally just having a blast. It's such a great way to bring the community together and let all the non-farmers out there see just what goes into producing milk (usually it's dairy farms, but next year it will be at a thoroughbred race horse farm that's next door to my dad's farm) and caring for the animal that give us such a wonderful gift!

The first ever Sundae on the Farm was actually at our farm when I was about 12 or 13 and I remembering all the preparations we did getting ready for it...every one was so excited and it was big success!

This year I worked in the food tent where we served sundae's and pie a la mode. I got to spend time with my cousin's wife, Sally, who is a sweetheart!

Look at all the cars! Every year thousands of people come to check out the farms!

And the best part of my day was spending time with my sister and my dad. I got up early to make my dad a yummy breakfast for Father's Day...he had a long day of volunteering too...driving people who needed assistance around in a Kabota for a private tour...

Happy Farming and Happy Father's Day! :)

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