Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Garage Sale Goodies!

First off...thank you so much everyone for a great update last Friday! The majority of characters were scooped up in a jiffy! The rest will be showing their faces on Etsy. :)

Now I'll show you goodies Ben and I found recently at a variety of yard sales...

This is the loot in it's entirety...the old dilapidated cabinet was free on the side of the road during a neighborhood yard sale and has been sitting on the porch for a while. I haven't decided where to put it and haven't gotten around to giving it a good scrub. So there it will sit until later.

I got the cool trash bin for one of the rooms we are redoing. It may or may not get a coat of spray paint. The architectural salvage piece was a steal at 2 bucks. I'm not sure what to do with it yet, but for now it will look great just sitting on a shelf. Maybe someday it will join with another piece of wood and become and becoming little shelf itself.

This little pile of awesomeness I got last Friday (yes I stuck out for a bit after the update rush had passed!). My mom and sister picked me up for a nice lunch in town and we passed by a sale that we couldn't pass up on the way back. It was worth the stop! Everything here was $8! The old scale works great and will go in the bathroom upstairs (we already have cool vintage scale downstairs). The puppy planter has a chipped ear, but it makes him all the more endearing. The faux bois shelf liner can be used for some project or another I'm sure. That thing with the cross the guy told me was a cover for an outdoor water pipe and I love the shape of that coffee mug. The feather is from Rocky, my mom's rooster.

A ten cent plate and a grass clipping covered milk glass piece. The lady said the grass was free. Not bad!

I just love a fabulous assortment of old quirky things. Ben picked out the travel chess board. It's actually quite nice and the pieces are made of stone. I retro alarm clock will go in the guest room and I've been wanting long handled spoons! Perfect for getting stuff out of jars without getting your hand sticky. A little pill box some cool jars and books. One of the books is about growing leafy greens. I am always up for learning more about that!

I overlooked this trophy pitcher at first...but when I saw that it had a squirrel on the front, I added it to my pile. It's from the 1965 Squirrel Tournament...whatever that is.

I come across so many old bottle during my hunting, but these were more interesting than most. The skinny one says "Mrs. Watson's Soothing Syrup"...that sounds nice to me. The other is from Albany NY. It's always good to have some local stuff, right?

I'm not sure if this will be a good read or not, but I had to have it. It seems to have a lot of stories about dogs inside. We'll see if they're any good!

I love things in miniature! And old sinkers box. I don't fish, so I wasn't disappointed that it was empty.

This darling horse holder was made by the grandfather of the woman I bought it from. I thought it would be charming in a kids room.

Also from the same sale as the horse came this glass jar chicken feeder. As soon as I get a coop, I'm getting chickens, so I couldn't pass this pretty AND useful thing up.

A few ornaments and a mouse wheel for the two deer mice I have that the cats brought up from the basement.

And old piano light was found here in town. I'm not sure how it attaches, but I'm sure we can figure something out.

And lastly, an old wooden crate and a metal butterfly.

A little bit of everything picked up from here and there... :)


Rae - Say It Ain't So said...

what a great bunch of stuff! i especially love the squirrel trophy!

Carol T said...

So let me get this straight - your cat brought up two mice from the basement who were obviously still alive and you kept them as pets and not only that, you bought them a toy! You are truly an animal lover.

Lisa W. said...

Wow ... you found some really great items ! I am very surprised that someone actually sold that squirrel trophy. Were they nuts !? :)

And you have deer mice !!! Best of luck with them ... they are so, sooo adorable.