Friday, August 17, 2012

Pre-Halloween Update

Three Little Pumpkins - SOLD

Anyone with a vegetable garden will know that right about now is the time to really start hauling in all the goodies. Tomatoes, carrots, parsnips, turnips, brussel sprouts, etc. Sometimes you'll get a carrot with two fat stubby legs that look like they're dancing. Or a misshapen tomato that appears to have grown it's own shiny nose. I swear, some of these veggies come to life. And even though we don't always see them fully animated, somewhere, in our imaginations, they frolic by moonlight and dance in circles holding roots. They stack themselves to make complete bodies and walk about when no one is looking. With them come the goblins and witches...hooting and hollering. The ghosts join in and the black cats watch safely from a gnarled tree branch. And all of this makes for a merry Halloween.

As usual, blog readers get first dibs on my new spun cotton one-of-kind figures. Click on photos to enlarge. If you see something(s) you love, just email me at and I'll let you know if they're still available. First come first served! I'll update item statuses in this post as often as I can to make it easier for you to know what's available. Items often get scooped up quickly, so make your selection as swiftly as you can, you can always add available pieces to your order later.
Also feel free to include second choices in case your first choice is unavailable, but make sure you label them "second choice".

Shipping is $3.50 for one item and $1 per additional item up to $6.50, then additional pieces are free. All paid orders will ship out immediately and should arrive within a few days. I send Paypal invoices via email unless you specify that you'd rather pay via check. And of course email me if you have any questions! Happy Shopping!

Mr. Up for a Haunt - SOLD
Paisley the Pumpkin - SOLD

Polly Picks - SOLD
Miss Pumpkinhead - SOLD
Miss Party Decorator - SOLD

Miss Raptor - SOLD
The Pumpkin Queen - SOLD
Miss Toadstool Trickery - SOLD

Miss Lucky Black - SOLD
The Harvest Angel - SOLD
Miss Candy Snatcher - SOLD

The Moonlight Juggler - SOLD
Stella Stacks - SOLD
Screama Ballerina - SOLD

Miss Scully - SOLD
Vick the Vampire - SOLD
Billy Bones - SOLD

Miss Sarah Spells - SOLD
Casting Carrie - SOLD
The Frightful Cat - SOLD

The Pumpkin Collector - SOLD
The Pumpkin Witch - SOLD
The Harvest Sun - SOLD

The Vine Family (paper mache head) - SOLD
Laughing Leona (paper mache head) - SOLD

Sammy Seeds (paper mache head) - SOLD
Olive the Onion (paper mache head) - SOLD

Jump Rope Jackie - SOLD
Scardy Pumpkin - SOLD
Concerned Coraline - SOLD

Gary Gourd - SOLD
Gabby Gourd - SOLD

Autumn Owl - SOLD
Bewitched Owl - SOLD

From the Casket...

Sara Sue Boo - SOLD
Mr. Mummy - SOLD
Batty Belinda - SOLD

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GrayFlannel said...

Cute, cute, cute!! As always, I love the owls. Looks like someone else does too! :)