Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Us!

Wow....Exactly one year has passed since Ben and I were married on a rainy summer evening in the corn field at my parent's house. It was a magical affair and was a night that everyone in attendance will remember hopefully for a long long time. And Ben and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect first year of marriage with many more to come. How will we celebrate? We've saved the wedding video my brother made for us and will watch it for the first time tonight! That is after he goes for a bike ride and I start installing the hallway

Click on the photos if you want to see them better...

With major help from my dad, we cleaned up the barn. We moved out a boat, a round hay baler, a giant air conditioner and lots and lots of stuff. We scrubbed and hosed down the walls and leveled the floor while the pigeons watched from above. We hung long swags of fabric and my sister, mom and I made many many many glittered stars to hang. We wrapped countless white lights, picked countless white queen anne's lace from the cow pastures and brought it all together to create one spectacular night.

The name tags were made from scans of a fabulous old children's book I have. I did a blog post on it years ago here. I've since seen the tags in places of honor in many of our loved ones homes.

Pom poms and pennants hang overhead in the buffet area while stars hang above the tables.

The lassos and old farm tools have been there for years and years.

Family photos, wagon wheels, and a people signed the portrait my mom drew just for us with messages of love.

My aunts helped put all the flowers together the day before...all contained in my collection of milk glass. I made the table numbers with white glitter and sumac branches from our yard.

An apple tree branch from my tree and some seeded dill from my aunts garden.

The gold gilded teacups (bottom right) were a gift from my cousin who got them from her aunt who got them from an estate sale at MY house back in the 70's! The set of 6 cups and saucers were a wedding gift to the town doctor who built and lived in my house! The old ladies who moved out in the 70's were great granddaughters or nieces of the doctor. One hundred years later they've come full circle.A place to hide.

A hat rack, ready for dessert.

A giant rusty mailbox delivers thoughtful gifts. A tub for champagne with memories hovering above.

Many many vintage glasses.

Ben and I had our own table because we couldn't fit at any other. My Aunt Barb grew green zinnias just for our big day!

I collected plates, glasses and flatware from thrift stores and garage sales. Everyone had their own different place setting.

Four types of favors...real egg boxes, cardboard top hats, party crackers and glittered candy cones. One favor for each person. I heard many stories afterward of people fighting over them. Some people wanted one of each. I was quite happy to hear that of course but wished I had made more! I can never tell when people will really love something or not care so much.

My childhood home that I still love spending time in...

Wagon ride anyone?

The road to corn. And the means to get there.

Sweet and curious girl.

For the cocktail hour by the pond.

Hurrying to finish my hat flower bouquet with some real leaves before getting into my dress.

The guys with their everlasting boutonnieres.

Ben was excited and let it show!

So many handsome guys!

The big reveal...

My favorite shots. Who doesn't love a weathered barn backdrop?

The old pine tree that grew near the house for a couple hundred years or more was cut down several years ago and part of it was used as pond furniture.

Stars are one of the prettiest shapes and I used them in my hair pieces and earrings. All are covered in silver glass glitter. My veil I found at Salvation Army for a's long and beautiful. I saved all of my favorite hat flowers for my bouquet. My aunt made me a beautiful bracelet with rhinestones that belonged to my great grandmother and one of my long time friends and bridesmaid gave me the vintage rhinestone necklace right before the wedding.

Ben loves to be silly in the old outhouse that was built with the house, which was built in the 1700's.

I've spent many childhood mornings, noons, and nights playing in the screen house and pasture that Ben and I strolled passed.
It was hard not to cry when I remembered Magic, buried out there under the apple trees.

But the girls made me laugh. So so pretty! They picked out their own dresses (I'd hate making people spend a lot of money on something they don't want), as long as they were green and I made them necklaces and flowered hairpins.
The barn was built in the 1800's and has a lovely stash of lumber that I raid from time to time for woodworking our dining room table.

Dad was so funny that in charge and on top of things. Thank you so much for that!

Before we were supposed to head out to the field...the sky was very overcast and rain was looming. And then it did rain. Lightly, but it rained. My dad told me that he's "calling it". We were going to have the ceremony in the barn. I was crushed and feeling a bit down. After a little while I went into the house to wait to be called out. Several people claim to have been the one to change my dad's mind...but I think when the rain actually stopped for a moment, he decided to take a chance. He came into the house and told me the original plan was back on track. I was thrilled and my mood lifted instantly! I didn't care if we got married in the pouring rain...I wanted to be out in the field! My dad went out to tell the guests, who were all waiting in the barn and I heard a very loud collective cheer, which made me over the moon happy!

Everyone loaded into the hay wagon.

My cousin Kurt drove the tractor.

And I was ready to get married! My dad was hilarious. I always pictured the moments before walking down the aisle with my dad to be so different than how they actually were. I pictured us standing there arm in arm, waiting for the music to begin, him saying something sentimental, me trying very hard not to tear up, and us walking down.
Instead we walked through the cornfield and when we were ready to walk down the aisle, my dad was behind me holding the back of my dress up like Pippa during the royal wedding and was ready to walk down like that. His hair was messy as usual and I grabbed his arm real quick and off we went.

In it's own way, it was perfect.

We got married in a room in the corn field with a long hallway leading from the driveway to the room. People sat on hay bales seat and my dad made the "alter" our of two maple saplings and the strands of ribbon I left for him. It was beautiful. My two sisters, Sara and Suzy, and three long time friends, Andrea and Jessica and Lena (who is my German friend I always send me beautiful vintage German treasures), were there by my side. Ben had his brother and all of his childhood friends by his side, Matt, Dave, Todd, Zwang, Evan, and Dan.

Todd played the guitar while Zwang sang "Marry Me"and brought everyone to tears. He truly has the most beautiful voice.

Ben and I said our own personal vows and I cried...or tried very very hard not to. Ben is so good with words and when I told him my own, they were so truthful and deeply felt that emotion still floods my whole self even just thinking about it now.

Russ, Ben's cousin and our good friend, officiated the ceremony and was so witty, funny and perfect...and has a nice speaking voice. To me the whole point of a wedding is to profess your feelings and promises to your loved one in front of everyone who is important in your lives in your own words. The fact that someone so close to us was there to guide us along was so important...and he knew how to pronounce our

Then we were married!!

And we hip hip hoorayed out to the beat of the Star Wars theme song (I told to Ben to pick whatever he wanted for that, lol). We high fived and took a ride back to the barn on the last hay wagon. That was when the rain starting dripping down again. Perfection.

The rain also held us just long enough for us to take some cute photos in the field before heading to shelter.

Back at the barn....

People started partying under the glow of the white lights.

We had a completely vegetarian feast that even my red meat lovin' Uncle Charlie said was great!

And during dinner the cows stuck their heads in the barn and had dinner too, right alongside everyone...except they ate corn silage.

A blue grass band played.

Every one cheered...we did the Jewish chair! I wish I could do it again! And people drank and were merry!

Half way into the night, Ben and I danced to our song, "Our House" by Crosby Stills Nash and Young. I love this song so much because it fits us so well and always has. My favorite line, "with two cats in the yard..." The singer in our band wasn't such a great singer and after the first verse, the whole crowd started singing along and it was beautiful. So wonderful and we felt so loved.

It went into the night while the candles glowed and the rain poured buckets outside.

Ben got lassoed.

The night ended with a super late night dessert.

No one could find a knife to cut the cake, so after a minute of waiting for someone to look...I grabbed the sickle off the wall and just used that. Ben ate it right off the rusty blade! lol

Instead of a big wedding cake, my mom, mom-in-law, step mom-in-law and sister-in-law all pitched in to make cakes, cookies, brownies, macaroons and whatnot to place on individual plates on a big hat rack. The cakes were topped with vintage cake toppers. The top tier held the big topper I made for us and the cake we cut held the very special Magpie Ethel cake top. There was something for everyone! And the wonderful caterer surprised us with lemon sherbert which was refreshing and so delicious.

It was the most perfect wedding we could have asked for.

The End...or should I say, The Beginning.


GrayFlannel said...

Happy Anniversary! Gosh, it's hard to believe a year has gone by. Love the photos, decorations...well everything! Looks like it was a beautiful day. The photo is my favorite. Wishing you many many more happy years together!

GrayFlannel said...

that was supposed to be...the last photo is my favorite :)

Rae - Say It Ain't So said...

what a beautiful day! i love how much your family and friends were involved. the stars in your hair are one of my favorite details! and the place cards and favors. the shots in the corn are really gorgeous. you can tell how much fun your wedding was from these photos. happy anniversary!!

AquaMarine Queen said...

Magical! Muck love to you and Ben on your first! xo

Your Craft Book said...

I just want to take a moment to wish you and Ben the Happiest of Anniversaries. May you continue to have a wonderful marriage. I loved looking at all of the beautiful photographs. Blessings to you both, Maureen

Barbara said...

This was just wonderful to see! I love all of the choices you made - from the family-made cakes to the dresses that were much nicer than any bridesmaid dress I've ever seen. Happy first anniversary - the first of many, many happy ones.

laurie -magpie ethel said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Ben. What a magical day that was and so many thoughtful details. That was like reading an article in Martha Stewart Weddings! Wishing you many, many more years of happiness!

Barn Weddings said...

Happy anniversary!! I loved everything in this post..The barn is filled with beautiful flowers. Really love the decorations..

Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

I am so happy you posted these photos and told us the story of your wedding. I really enjoyed this post. Your wedding was really magical. Congratulations on one year.

Mary said...

So beautiful and special! I love the mixture of old, new, and handmade. What a lovely day!!

Wishing you and Ben many, many happy and healthy years together!!

Vintage by Crystal said...

Thanks so much everyone! I would have asked for anything better and I'm glad you all appreciated me sharing the photos too. :)