Friday, August 3, 2012

Toll Wreath

Look at what I found! Another toll wreath!

Ben and I went to the next town north of us (Fort Edward), because they were having a little auction/flea market. We didn't have enough time to stay at the auction, but we did peek into some nearby houses and barns that were having sales as well. The first house we stopped in had tons of goodies set up on the porch, including a beautiful Valentine's Day toll wreath for a buck!

I hung it underneath my first toll wreath...which I got on ebay for a lot more than a buck. They look so great together...almost like one was waiting for the other.

We have more gold accents in our house than I eve thought possible...I kept the door it's original color, which was the color of the entire room before I painted it. The gold wreaths really add to it.

Yay for Fort Edward! :)

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