Friday, August 10, 2012

Take my New Poll!

As I'm planning my next blog update (for Halloween, mwah ha ha ha)...I am wondering, when is best? I usually have it at the same time (11am EST) on a random day during the week, but I wonder if that's really the best time to have it? I'm I wonder what time would be best for you? I'd hate for anyone to feel like they missed out.

If you would, I would be ever so grateful if you took my poll. It's right over there on the sidebar at the top and it's super easy. Pick the time(s) and whether you'd prefer a weekend or weekday. This will help me decide when to have the next update. :) And if you have a more specific idea of when would be best for you, I'd love to hear your comments or send me an email,

**Oops, I just realized there is a typo in the poll...that first option is supposed to 8 am, not pm..oopsie!**

Thank you so much!! I value your input so so much!

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