Monday, August 13, 2012


I posted a little pic of the Krampus I was making a little while back and got lots of curious and excited people wanting to know more about Krampus and also wanting to know if I'll be making more. I made this guy as custom order for a very sweet gal and it has been sent off to it's new home. I will be making other versions...perhaps one or two large like this guy and few smaller and ornament sized. Stay tuned for those!

And as far as Krampus goes...from what I know...Krampus is a colleague of Santa Claus according to the old Germany stories. Santa tells Krampus about the naughty children and then Krampus seeks them out for punishment.

He snatches the children...

And carries them off in a big basket he wears on his back. He carries a birch stick that he uses to punish the naughty children and also sometimes pulls their hair and shackles them in chains.

Pretty gruesome if you ask me...but certainly an effective way to keep your children behaving properly, and probably also an effective way to give them nightmares and a lifelong fear of goats!

Spun cotton Krampus is not recommended for children, but is able to delight adults with it's history. Nowadays children are merely threatened to get nothing but coal for Christmas. Just like the story of Cinderella and other Grimm fairy tales are much kinder to the children who listen to them. (Did you know that in the original story of Cinderella, one step sister cuts off her big toe, and the other her heel, to fit into the glass slipper and at the end, the step mother gets her eyes pecked out by the dove who watches over Cinderella's mother's grave? Yikes!)


Sarah said...

I used to teach school at an international (high school) boarding school. One of my German students brought a nursery school book from Germany for me to see. It was full of tales about how you would get your fingers chopped off for playing with your mother's scissors and how you would drown if you wandered off. I was horrified and they told me it was really quite common on Germany for kids to hear that stuff, including the tales of the "bad santa", aka Krampus!

AquaMarine Queen said...

Krampus is fabulous!

Rae - Say It Ain't So said...

i love him! even more with the kid running from him! i am DEFINITELY going to watch out for more of these on your blog. i sent krampus christmas cards last year.

James White said...

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