Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Halloween Update!

Halloween Bird Balancer - SOLD
The Haunted Horse Girl - SOLD

My studio is being haunted by all sorts of creatures looking to move on to the after life...maybe they can find peace over at your house? And trick-or-treaters have eaten all of my candy and need a new source for sweet delectables...maybe you have a stash of untouched gummies and lollies? There's a bountiful pumpkin harvest this year too...but my mantels and doorsteps are full...maybe they can rest on yours? The devil is looking for souls to steal and witches have already cast their fair share of spells on me...new victims are needed. And new this year...the undead have finally emerged from the earth and have already eaten all of my brains...they are hungry and need more. Perhaps they can have yours?

All sorts of fun, scary, sweet and whimsical stuff is going on in my head right now and on the studio shelves right now, and I have many goodies up for grabs today. Hope you find someone to steal your heart, soul, or brains! ;)

As usual, blog readers get first dibs on my new spun cotton one-of-kind figures. Click on photos to enlarge. If you see something(s) you love, just email me at vintagebycrystal@yahoo.com and I'll let you know if they're still available. First come first served! I'll update item statuses in this post as often as I can to make it easier for you to know what's available. Items often get scooped up quickly, so make your selection as swiftly as you can, you can always add available pieces to your order later.
Also feel free to include second choices in case your first choice is unavailable, but make sure you label them "second choice".

Shipping is $3.50 for one item and $1 per additional item up to $6.50, then additional pieces are free. All paid orders will ship out immediately and should arrive within a few days. I send Paypal invoices via email unless you specify that you'd rather pay via check. And of course email me if you have any questions! Happy Shopping!

Harriet - SOLD

Percy - SOLD
Bromley- SOLD
Pumpernickel - SOLD

Helga the the Horrible (paper mache head) - SOLD
The Too Many Jacks - SOLD
Balancing Kitty - SOLD

Little Black Riding Hood - SOLD
Hermena - SOLD

Miss Spider Surprise - SOLD
Miss Wise Gal - SOLD
The Long Legged Beastie - SOLD

Miss Jack-o-Lantern Bell - SOLD
The Royal Pumpkin Princess - SOLD
Miss Skelley - SOLD

Mr. Prim Pumpkin - SOLD
Mrs. Prim Pumpkin - SOLD

The Brush Brothers - SOLD

Miss Midnight Moon - SOLD
Sour Sally - SOLD
Tim the Grim - SOLD

The Masked Feline - SOLD
Boasting Barb (paper mache head) - SOLD

Sally Spirit - SOLD
Glinda the Party Witch - SOLD
Little White Devil - 26

Miss Fall Leaves - SOLD
A Gathering of Ghosts - SOLD
Miss Pumpkin Garland - SOLD

The Devil's Cauldron - SOLD
The Witches Cauldron - SOLD

The Witch and her Cat - SOLD
Miss Fanny Pumpkin - SOLD

Portia Prat with Bat - SOLD
The Haunted Angel (large) - SOLD

Miss Kitty Black - SOLD
Batty Patty - SOLD
The Spider and the Fly - SOLD

Miss Trick or Treat - SOLD
The Girl and her Witch Doll - SOLD
Miss Full Moon Flower - SOLD

Freddie Flame - SOLD
Bebe Bulb - SOLD

Miss Mum - SOLD
Miss Cats for Brains - SOLD

Katelyn - SOLD
Miss Owl Hoot SOLD
Goldie - SOLD

Brainless Brad - SOLD

Undead Ned - SOLD
Rotted Rachel - SOLD

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vivian said...

love every single one of them. I just think I could ever pick one!
your little creations are wonderful!