Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Remember Dead Horse Bay?

 Remember when I talked about the trip to Dead Horse Bay my friend Andrea and I took last October?  Here's the post.  I've been meaning to show you how I put some of those found objects to work (or in most cases, display). 

 I'm already itching to go back...look at all the junk I lugged home!

 Dirty and discarded bottles, milk glass make up containers, horse bones, and lots of porcelain electrical parts...

 Some of those electrical parts have already found a cool new use and new homes as bases for birdies.  You may remember these bird riders in recent updates.

 I have a few more pieces waiting for their new life.

 There were plenty of shallow milk glass makeup and lotion containers to be found...all without lids.  No matter...they are perfect for sorting tiny things in a shallow drawer.  I think I might bring these downstairs to the bathroom and put them in my antique dentist cabinet to sort small earrings and things.

 The large containers found uses as handy pencil holders in my studio.

 The bottles, both broken and whole, I clustered together is a display on an antique tea tray on the balcony.  This spring and summer they can hold flowers and other natural treasures from outside.

 Two tiny bottles that they have their rusty lids are hanging out on the balcony window sill...just looking pretty.  They were impossible to open.  I might use them for bases for Halloween...

 The old light things will be wired into lamps and fixtures (one of these upcoming weekends I'm going to make a trip to the local lighting shop to get some supplies and hopefully some tips for doing it).  I have an idea of the bathroom strip light...but I need to make another trip to the littered beach to get some more of these. 

And lastly my two horse femur sections are put on display in a simple way in the reading room.  I had a third piece...a vertebrae...but the cat knocked it over and it shattered into sand...weird.  I thought it disappeared at first, and then realized that the "dirt" scattered on the floor was the bone.  So weird.  

I have a few more interesting piece in the basement that have yet to find a place or idea for yet...but one of these days it will come to me!  :)


Sherry said...

It makes me cringe to think of all that on a beach!!! BUT...with people like you and your friend to go and scavenge and do your own "clean up" -- reusing and recycling makes me feel so much better! Great finds too!

Lisa W. said...

Wow - you put those things to really good use ! Weird about the bone turning to sand, however .... kind of spooky ! Thanks for sharing !

Shara said...

I've been wondering what happened to that beach since Hurricane sandy came through - do you know?

A friend I have never even met ordered one of your Angels and had you ship it to me this Christmas. I have been going through some very trying personal times so she sent me an angel to watch over me. I've always loved your creations so it was a complete and total surprise to get a gift from her and to see your return addy on the box. My Angel is very much loved! Thank you!

vivian said...

so many treasures just lying there waiting to be found! I love that youre able to use those things in your sweet creations crystal. Not so sure what I think of the horse bones, but they certainly are interesting! LOL!
the one that turned to sand, makes me think of "ashes to ashes, dust to dust" Ive never heard about this beach. why do they call it dead horse beach. (obviously there have been dead horses there) but what is the story behind it?
have a nice day Crystal, I'm off to work to look for some runaways today.. woohoo!

Mary said...

We had planned to go this past fall but never made it. Now with Sandy, I'm raring to go. So much fun hunting!!