Monday, June 10, 2013


 While I've been spending most of my time either in the studio or the garden, I still can't resist a good yard sale or flea market when I come across it and I've been gathering some goodies for a while now and thought I'd show some of them off.  

Two pretty hats from an estate Ben and I went to last Saturday where we pretty much filled up the truck with a large metal cabinet for the basement, stools, a cool chair, a huge amount of styrofoam balls and bags of smaller goodies.  The house was old and funny...perfect for treasure hunting!  I always buy the hats for the flowers, but then rarely manage to bring myself to pluck them off.  I suppose that's why I have a good sized hat collection now!

 Some interesting old doodads including a funny wooden egg salt and pepper set, ceramic boots, a celluloid doll and dog, old old sewing pins, a really cool stapler I got for a dollar, and rocking chair...perfectly sized for a spun cotton somebody.

 I'm a sucker vintage owls and from a whole box of old playing cards, these were the only ones I took home.  The two teeny tiny pin cushion dogs are just darling.  I also managed to find myself with an instant collection of elephants!  A bright pink bunny and cool patriotic pin will serve well in my holiday supply drawers.

 Some items were a gift from my good friend Andrea.  She knows my love of old things and found some putz houses and old reindeer...just for me!!  Thanks Andrea!!

 A collection of retro Christmas goodies.  My favorite?  One of the few antiques in this lot...the beaded star so pretty!  It was a little expensive at a local antique fair...but worth it.

 And last but not least...a collection of Halloween crepe and tiny gourds and cake it!


laurie -magpie ethel said...

Always fun to find good the celluloid dog!

GrayFlannel said...

Fun! Love those little "sugar" covered houses. My grandmother had them under her tree every year. Sadly, I'm not sure where they went. You must live in a great area for hunting treasure. It's always fun to see what you find.