Monday, July 15, 2013

Vintage Treasures!!

 Ben and I have been antiquing and garage saling here and there all summer long and I snapped some photos of some of the pieces I got recently.  Many of the goodies are from a sale that a bunch of little old ladies just up to the road have every year.  They always have the best stuff!!  Like this little doll cute!!  And Ben has been adding more old treasures to the Vintage from Crystal Etsy shop, including some of these things...check it out!  :)

 Some toys for the new babe...some of these little things they may have to wait a while to play with...but they'll be on a shelf to admire in the mean time!  All the goodies in the top photos were free!  I plucked them from a super grimy box of toys and they need a good scrub, but they were too cute to pass up!  The little recorder thingy on the right of bottom picture I had when I was a kid...I LOVED it!!  Mine is all yellow and yucky now...I'm glad I found another!

 Flocked squirrel and parrot...too adorable.

 I'm not a huge doll person, but these four gals and their bunny friend were decked out in vintage flowers and it!

 A great gilded base for a feather tree and funny battery tester.  Both will come in handy!

 I'm such a sucker for old embroidery and these pillow cases are great for the baby's room!

 Wall art is at the top of my things to hunt for list this summer.  At the little old lady sale I found these three small black and white sketches. 

 Perfect in the studio!

 I'm a sucker for paint by numbers too...especially dogs and woodland...

 They now live around the corner from the sketches.

 These are really interesting iridescent pictures that look like foil almost.  I kind of want to keep them but wasn't sure...then Ben said they were really who knows, you may see them on our wall somewhere or in the Etsy shop...these decisions are often very hard to make!

 Ben collects old cameras and this Rainbow Land Poloroid, while a bit newer, fits the bill.  Too bad they don't make the film anymore...  :(

 I always buy domes when I see them whether they are empty or full.  This one has some old dried flowers in it right now...not bad, but I think we can do better...spun cotton really looks great under glass!  lol.  The old flowers are unusual and pretty and I always scoop up owls when I see them, even though I don't officially collect them, lol. 

 See!  Another owl!!  Along with some screw on earrings that I plan to add studs to, a cool old orchid pin and a tiny metal box.

 Love me some old ceramics!!

 And some old Christmas!!  Most of this will go through a bit of a transformation...

 These are typically my style, but I thought they were really interesting as ornaments.

 And lastly, one of my favorite things to collect...old children's graphics!!  Especially animals...  This is a set of puzzles and only the piggy and goat are missing a piece or two!

That's my haul!!!  Happy hunting to all of you treasure seekers out there!  :)

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Rae - Say It Aint So said...

great stuff! i love the old toys especially! i might be guilty of having a "just in case" bin full of vintage toys and baby clothes. ha!